Institute for Sustainable Development



Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

RAI Strategic Priorities

  • Transform agricultural and urban landscapes through regenerative practices.
  • Promote policy that advances food systems, sequesters carbon and reduces carbon emissions, creates food security, and revitalizes landscapes.
  • Address issues of drought and water and soil quality degradation by working within the framework of ecosystem services to restore and enhance nutrient and water cycles, biodiversity and energy flow.
  • Create a collaborative network of applied research, learning centers, and demonstration sites with partnering farms and universities.
  • Create interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities.
  • Create venues and communication platforms that foster open dialogue, discourse, and dissemination. 
  • Forge national and international collaborations with academic institutions, agencies, and nonprofits focused on best management practices that can reverse the effects of climate change and soil loss.

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