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Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.

William Ruckelshaus
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June 18, 1990


Sustainability Conference Program
November 2-5, 2006

Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Call for Higher Education Leadership in Creating a Healthy, Just, and Sustainable World Anthony D. Cortese, President of Second Nature
Environmental Parables Felicity Barringer, Washington Correspondent (Environment) for The New York Times

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Thursday, November 2, 2006:

8:30-9:00 Welcome and Opening
President Paul J. Zingg
James Houpis, Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Thursday, 9:00-10:15
(Room 209) Reuse and Recycling
in Demolition for Campus Construction Projects construction of the new CSU, Chico Student Services Center directed 98% of the material weight away from the landfill. Modular classroom buildings, disassembled building materials, hardscaping and landscaping were innovatively directed to reuse and recycle. Rob Thacker, CSU, Chico Facilities Management & Services
Diversion Excursion and end of the year move out collection, our award winning program diverted 15, 000 pounds of goods from the landfill during the Residential Hall move-out. Learn how this program could be implemented at your University. Luisa Garza, CSU, Chico Housing & Food Services

(Room 210) Bridging the Gap: Aligning Nutrition and Agriculture Policies and Practices with Environmental and Health Needs
This community nutrition and organic farming team will provide an overview of regional efforts to promote the consumption of locally grown agricultural products and current and proposed government policies for promoting these efforts.Cindy Wolff, CSU, Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion / Carl Rosato, Woodleaf Farm

Thursday, 10:30-11:45
(Room 210) Farm to School - Farmers, Food Service, and School Children Share the Benefits of Regional Agriculture: How the Farm to School program in the Davis Joint unified School District was formed and its achievement over the last six years.  The presentation will share logistical information about starting and maintaining such a program and conclude with a summary of responses and future visions provided by surveyed food service directors throughout the state who have been involved in farm to school programs. Gail Feenstra, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program

(Room 209) Butte College Student Alliance for Sustainability: A presentation and discussion about initiatives at Butte College from the Associated Students, Green Campus at Butte College, Friends of the Wildlife Refuge at Butte College, and Phi Theta Kappa: Operation Green. Chuck Rogers, Butte College AS Environmental Advisor, Green Campus / Chelsea Scevers, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Butte College / Shandin Rudesill, Friends of the Wildlife Refuge at Butte College, Butte College Student Alliance for Sustainability

Thursday, 1:00-2:15
(Room 210) Using Consumer Trends and Presentation Strategies to Sell Your Ag Products: This presentation will include a discussion of nutrition and gender-related consumer trends and how these trends directly affect the sale of consumer products. Recommendations and tools to sell locally grown and healthy agricultural products will be provided for practical and immediate use. Stephanie Bianco-Simeral, CSU, Chico Nutrition & Food Sciences / Annette Levi, CSU, Chico College of Agriculture / Terry Givens, Chico Certified Farmers’ Market

(Meet at BMU North Entrance) Campus Arboretum Tour: You'll see California native plants that include toyon, foothill pine, redbud, and buckeye. Further along on campus are more recent plantings of California natives planted by the student Arboretum Club. A nature trail takes you through these on both sides of the creek with 16 numbered stops identifying such plants as mugwort, California chain fern, white alder and California sycamore.
Meeting location at the north entrance of the Bell Memorial Union. Gary Vercruse, CSU, Chico Manager of Grounds / Wes Dempsey, Professor Emeritus of Biology

Thursday, 2:30-3:30
(Room 210) School and Community Strategies for Expanding Markets for Market Farmers: This panel will discuss steps for increasing the production and consumption of locally grown farm products as a means for promoting healthy eating patterns and sustainable agricultural practices. Carol Lams, Sierra Cascade Nutrition & Activity Consortium / RachelOriana Schraeder, Chico Natural Foods / Matthew Martin, Pyramid Farms / Tyler Dawley, Shasta Cascade Slow Food Convivium & Big Bluff Ranch / Paula Wakefield, Oroville Union High School District / Patrick Yang, Market Farmer / Gina Simms, CA 5 a Day-Power Play!

(Room 209) Measuring What Matters - Greenhouse Gas Inventory of CSU, Chico:
Importance of environmental indicators and presentation of results from inventory conducted by CSU, Chico graduate students. Hali Bovid, Lindsey Cunningham, Erec DeVost, Scott Gregory, Kimberly Reynolds, Daniel Salazar, Anthony Sudderth, and Janna Waligorski.

Thursday, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Keynote Address (Room 100)

Anthony D. Cortese, President of Second Nature will present his keynote address A Call for Higher Education Leadership in Creating a Healthy, Just and Sustainable World.


Friday, November 3, 2006:

8:00-8:50 Welcome and Opening
(Room 100) President Paul J. Zingg and Provost Scott G. McNall
Sustainability and Stewardship: A vision for the Future
How does stewardship and sustainability relate to the mission of CSU, Chico and how can it help us to achieve distinction to connect to the North State, and to create democratic citizens?

Friday, 9:00-10:20
(Room 210) Introduction to Organic Farming:
Will include suggestions for organic farmers on compost sources; the process of achieving organic certification according to the USDA National Organic Program standards; insight on how to avoid a negative cash flow during the difficult transitional years. Carl Rosato, Woodleaf Farm / Danielle Baker, CSU, Chico AS Recycling / Rebecca Witty, California Certified Organic Farmers / Scott Park, Park Farming

(Room 303) Pathfinders: Charting New Directions in Educating for Sustainability Differeing approaches to incorporating sustainability into the curriculum. Jim Pushnik, CSU, Chico Biological Sciences / Julie Phillips, De Anza Community College / Al Konuwa, Butte Community College / Joseph Medieros, Sierra College

(Room 209) Sustainability and Sustainable Economic Development: How the field of sustainability has the potential to be developed into a viable form of sustainable economic development within Chico and surrounding communities. Dan Ripke, Tracy McDonald, Marc Nemanic, Martha Wescoat-Andes, Center for Economic Development

(Room 312) Green Residence Halls: Forging University and Community Partnerships: Partnering with vendors/retailers, campus staff and students successfully collaborate to develop and promote locally-sponsored and community-focused demonstrations to showcase eco-friendly lifestyle options/practices. Will address existing projects, challenges, best practices, and opportunities for future involvement. Caitlin Fager, Strategic Energy Innovations

(Room 314) Green Neighborhoods and Affordable Housing and Green Urbanism/Green Building: Will focus on recent green development in the Bay Area at a variety of scales including green on a neighborhood and regional scale with an emphasis on infill and mixed-use development. Daniel Simons, David Baker & Partners / Ann Torney, Solomon E.T.C.

(Room 100) Does climate change make sustainability a moving target? Will present an overview of the range of current thinking on the potential impacts of climate change on the North State, the adaptation needs (and impacts on sustainability) and mitigation options. Jeff Price, CSU, Chico, Geological and Environmental Sciences


Friday, 10:30-11:50

(Room 210) Organic Livestock Production: Organic dairy production, organic certification, and organic and specialty livestock production for both the small and commercial operator. Cindy Daley, CSU, Chico Department of Agriculture / Roger Ingram, University of California Cooperative Extension

(Room 303) Best Practices for Integration of Sustainability into the Curriculum: Faculty presentations on efforts to effectively integrate sustainability into the curriculum. These presentations will be drawn from different academic disciplines. Jim Pushnik, CSU, Chico Biological Sciences / Tracy McDonald, CSU, Chico Management Department / Steve Dennis, CSU, Chico Recreation & Parks Management

(Room 312) Funding Sustainable Agriculture through Bioenergy: Will focus on the work of a regional consortium, the Ag Biomass Council (ABC), which is actively working across these groups to realize broader adoption of small- to medium-sized bioenergy projects and other related sustainable agriculture efforts. Stephen Miller, Strategic Energy Innovations / Thor Bailey, Ag Biomass Council

(Room 209) Everyday Sustainability : How small steps equal big impact. A solution oriented panel that includes practical, simple steps to improve your global footprint. Andy Keller, ChicoBag / Valerie Reddeman, Greenfeet

(Room 314) Working with Youth to Increase Energy Awareness in Communities:Strategic Energy Innovation’s award winning ACE program connects high school and university youth with energy professionals, local businesses, and community leaders in a focused effort to save energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Mildred Dandridge, Strategic Energy Innovations

(Room 304) Green Planning and Design with Maximum Kick and Minimum Impact:
Arkin Tilt Architects is an award-winning firm specializing in energy and resource efficient design. Their projects embody a marriage of thoughtful design and ecology, creating spaces that are comfortable and lyrical. David Arkin, Arkin Tilt Architects


11:50-12:50 Break for Lunch

Friday, 1:00-1:50
(Room 210) Organic Alfalfa Management / Forages and Feed Production:
Organic alfalfa production with tips and suggestions on fertility, weeds, pests, and profitable production of organic alfalfa; tips on transitional crops of wheat and forage. Rachael Long, University of California Cooperative Extension, Yolo County / Lau Ackerman, CSU, Chico Farm Crops Supervisor

(Room 312) Preserving Vernal Pool Flora and Fauna in Butte County: Of the 1,072,828 acres in Butte County, 58,000 acres of valuable vernal pool wetland habitat are considered priority one for conservation in the Recovery Plan for Vernal Pool Ecosystems of California and Southern Oregon. Barbara Vlamis, Butte Environmental Council

(Room 303) Pervious Concrete: Uses, Maintenance and Durability
Review the state-of-the-art in pervious concrete, with extra emphasis on Northern California examples, life-cycle costs, durability and maintenance. Andy Youngs, California Nevada Cement Promotion Council

(Room 304) Community Greening, the Role of Local Government:
San Francisco has by far the largest municipal green power pubic works project ever. Presenter will speak to the climate implications of this approach versus market-based approaches that currently prevail in most of the US. Paul Fenn, Local Power


Friday, 1:00-2:30
(Room 209) Sustainable Planning and Development, Efficient Regional Transportation and Examples of Smart Growth in Chico and Around the Country: Presenting local and national examples of Planning and Smart Growth, relating to transportation, the Chico Ring Transportation Corridor plan, introduction to the new LEED-Neighborhood Development standards, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A on follows about how Chico could move from where we are to a more sustainable future where we want to be.  Paul Zykofsky, California State Local Government Commission / Tom DiGiovanni, New Urban Builders / Elizabeth Devereaux, Chico Sustainability Group

(Room 214) Putting the Pieces Together: Highlights how Butte College is integrating sustainability into its ongoing operations, curriculum, management of the 928 acre wildlife refuge, and its ongoing $150,000,000 building program. Les Jauron, Suzanne Wakim, Mike Williams, Bruce Enyeart, Chuck Rogers, Butte Community College

Friday, 2:00-2:50
(Room 210) Organic Pasture Production and Health: Ideas and advice for other pasture producers; insights on organic pasture management for both the small and commercial operator; proposed plans to establish California native grasses at Butte College and the potential to integrate organic livestock production on the rangelands at Butte College. Dave Sieperda, Llano Seco Rancho / Roger Ingram, University of California Cooperative Extension Placer County / Lyman Hagen, Butte Community College

(Room 304) Creating a Sustainable Student Community, The Chico Experience:
Sustainability is at heart a crisis of spirit and this presentation will address this social dimension of sustainability. Chico State has quickly become a center of sustainable activity and innovation. Part of the success is attributable to a supportive administration. Another factor is the conscious efforts of students, faculty and staff to create a community that embraces and empowers its students. This session will focus on the efforts at CSU, Chico to create a sustainable community of student activists that continues to grow over time. Emphasis will be placed on describing those types of activities that change the student's hearts as much as their minds. Mark Stemen, Geography and Planning

(Room 303) LEEDing the Way in Green Building and Sustainability:
This presentation illustrates concrete’s role in Urban Heat Island Reduction, fuel and energy savings, minimization of materials, water management, urban diversity, etc. Dave Frentress, Glacier Northwest, Inc.

(Room 312) Preparing the for the Future: Hands-on workshop for integrating the principles and concepts of sustainability through classroom activities into the K-12 curriculum. Jim Pushnik, Beverly Marcum, Anne Stephens, CSU, Chico Biological Sciences


Friday, 3:00-3:50
(Room 303) Green Building Practices and the Future for Affordable Housing An overview of green building policies and practices as it relates to developing affordable single-family and multi-family housing for low-income families. Jim Jessee, Community Housing Improvement Program

(Room 312) Public Trust Doctrine: The public trust concept was key in the development of the sustainability movement and now needs to be used to require that our natural resources are preserved. Paul Persons, CSU, Chico, Political Science

(Room 304) Institutional Opportunities for Solar Power: Will explore how governmental entities are “making it work.” What helped them, what hindered them, how can others do it too? Anthony Watts, Chico Unified School District / Lane Green, City of Chico / Pat Keener, City of Redding

(Room 314) Sustaining the Lower Tuscan Aquifer: The Lower Tuscan aquifer has been identified by the California Department of Water Resources as an “under-utilized” source of water that could be integrated into the State water supply. Geo-hydrology and water sales will be analyzed. Jim Brobeck, Lynn Barris, Butte Environmental Council

(Room 209) Just How Sustainable is Recycling? and The Pros and Cons of Bioplastics: A Recycler's Perspective This workshop will compare the environmental costs and benefits of recycling different consumer goods. Robyn DiFalco, CSU, Chico AS Recycling / Marion Harmon, CSU, Chico Public Affairs & Publications

(Room 210) Development and Sustainability: Global Examples
Conceptual approaches to understanding issues of development and sustainability, as well as case examples from various countries. Policy implications will also be addressed. Laurie Wermuth, Tony Waters, CSU, Chico Department of Sociology / Francine Stuelpnagel, CSU, Chico Associated Students / Barney Hope, CSU, Chico Economics


Friday, 4:00-4:50
Keynote Address (Laxson Auditorium)
Felicity Bar ringer, Washington Correspondent (Environment) for The New York Times, will present Environmental Parables: A sustainable world requires sustainable stories. Over the decades, environmental writing has sometimes taken the form of parables, with a moral as well as factual content. The parable is a powerful device, but it can also be a perilous one. Three years of reporting on environmental subjects around the country provide a window on how environmental parables can both help and hurt hurt the ability of individuals and governments to identify environmental problems and work out solutions.

Friday, 5:00-8:00
(Room 100) President Paul J. Zingg and Provost Scott G. McNall will co-host a buffet style dinner starting with "mock-tails" at 5:00 p.m. and dinner at 6:00 p.m. Pre-registered conference participants and speakers are welcome to attend. RSVP required no later than October 2, 2006.

Saturday, November 4th

8:00 Welcome and Opening

Saturday, 9:00-10:20
(Room 100) Creating Democracy Through Sustainability: This session will focus on the American Democracy Project and the fact that Butte Community College and Chico State have been identified as one of only three teams in the country to create a national model for civic engagement partnerships. . Scott McNall, CSU, Chico Provost  &,VP for Academic Affairs / Deanna Berg, Community Action Volunteers in Education / Jim Pushnik, CSU, Chico Biological Sciences / Mark Stemen, CSU, Chico Geography & Planning / William Loker, CSU, Chico Undergraduate Studies / Al Konuwa, Ken Meier, Butte Community College

(Room 209) Student Groups Taking Action to Save the Environment: A chance for student clubs to showcase opportunities they offer students and community members to help the environment followed by an open discussion of potential future projects and opportunities. Combined Student Groups: CSU, Chico Environmental Affairs Council / Environmental Action Resource Center / Community Action Volunteers in Education / Green Campus / Adventure Outings / Plant & Soil Science Club / Associated Students/ Environmental Advocates / Recycling/RARE

(Room 304) Careers and Opportunities in Green Business: Hear from successful, local entrepreneurs how they started their Green Businesses, which are the growth opportunity for this country. This panel has an extensive background of diverse local green businesses and a wealth of information to share about career opportunities. Low impact construction in the mainstream - why greener building is better; growth of the industry - job opportunities; product development solutions - bring a green idea to market; and biodiesel fuel. Bill Knudsen, Chico Sustainability Group / Bill Yoskowitz, SIP Housing / Andy Keller, ChicoBag / Scott Jackson, Evergreen Development Group / Galen Bowen, AGR Energy

(Room 303) Restoring Fire Resilient Sierra Forests: Timber harvest and fire suppression in the Sierra has resulted in a build up of surface and ladder fuel and a decrease in old-growth fire-resilient forests. Sustainable wildlife populations and watersheds require a rethinking in vegetation management. Jim Brobeck, Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign

(Room 210) Introduction to Farmland Preservation: What is being lost, why is it disappearing and what is the impact on sustainability? An overview of this issue and discuss why it is important that we act now to reverse this devastating trend; perspective on the issue of Farmland Loss and its impact on wildlife habitat and water quality. Ed Thompson, American Farmland Trust / Kim Delfino, Defenders of Wildlife / Jenny Marr, California Department of Fish and Game

(Room 314) Higher Education: Leaders for California's Solar Energy Future and Incentives for Solar Generation: The latest developments on pro-solar initiatives and their likely impact for influencing California colleges and universities to adopt solar. It will also address existing rebates for solar generation. Rob Hammon, ConSol / Stephen Miller, Strategic Energy Innovations


Saturday, 10:30-11:50
(Room 304) The Intellectual and Emotional Antecedents of Sustainable Agriculture: Will contrast the intellectual, scientific, and economic origins of the sustainable agriculture movement with the profound emotional appeal of sustainable agriculture over the decades. Randal Beeman, Bakeresfield College

(Room 100) Thinking Globally (Part 1) Sustainable Tourism: How Enlightened Travel Supports Environments, Economies, and Just Societies: Travel writers, editors, and other tourism professionals discuss what it takes to achieve sustainable travel, nationally and internationally. Don George, Lonely Planet Publications /  Julian Smith,Moon Handbooks Four Corners / Debra Lucero, Friends of the Arts / Malia Everette, Reality Tours, Global Exchange / Kim Weir, Chico Sustainability Group / Gregg Werner, The Nature Conservancy / Mark Reiser, Alaska Outdoors / Emilyn Sheffield, CSU, Chico Recreation & Parks Management

(Room 314) How Environmental Affairs Council Led To My Career:  Former Chico State students on how their involvement in environmental activism became their career.  AS Recycling Director Robyn DiFalco, Former EAC Commissioner Jessica Rios, web casting from Washington DC Sean Kvingedal, Chico AS President Courtney Voss, and CSU Chico Sustainability Coordinator Jillian Buckholz.

(Room 209) The Inevitable Architect - A Phase by Phase Guide to Green Building:
A pioneer in green architecture and green buildings will discuss the relationship between environmentalism and buildings. He will identify the two misconceptions in green architecture and address how life cycle affects the design of buildings. Eric Corey Freed, Organic Architect

(Room 303) Bidwell Park- Managing our Natural Resources for Sustainability: Learn how education, volunteers and funding will determine the park’s future and what you can do to influence the long-term outcome. Susan Mason, Josephine Guardino, Randy Abbott, Friends of Bidwell Park

(Room 210) Land Trusts, Conservation Easements and Mitigation Banks:
What are they and how do they work to conserve agricultural lands and open space? What constitutes sensitive habitat and what kinds of properties qualify for conservation programs and mitigation banking? Kim Erickson, Wildlands, Inc. / Jim Saake, Northern California Regional Land Trust / Jody Gallaway, Gallaway Consulting


12:00-1:15 Break for Lunch
(Common Grounds Cafe) Organic Luncheon: A locally supplied organic lunch will be offered in the downstairs of the BMU in the Common Grounds Cafe. Tickets for this luncheon will be on sale at the registration table located outside of the BMU Auditorium at a cost of $12.00 and seating is limited.

Saturday, 1:30-2:50
(Room 100) Thinking Globally (Part 2): Local Decisions, Global Impacts: A discussion of our impacts on other parts of the Earth. Through case studies we will examine how the American lifestyle affects sustainability in other countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Congo, and Thailand. Discussion of how we might reduce our footprint on the planet. Carlos Morera, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica / Susan Place, CSU, Chico Graduate, International & Interdisciplinary Studies / Lee Altier, CSU, Chico Agriculture / Jacqueline Chase, CSU, Chico Geography & Planning / David Eaton, CSU, Chico Anthropology

(Room 314) Ahwahnee Principles and Community "Future Vision", The Brown Act, and Demanding Accountability: Community Coalitions Create Synergy and Make A Difference: Preceding decades of urban sprawl, lack of vision, and ignorance have had profound impacts on towns, cities, rural areas, the environment, families, and health. Eileen Burke-Trent, South Butte Sustainability & Smart Growth Coalition

(Room 304) Land Acquisition and Development Rights for Habitat Preservation: Focus on the benefits of watershed restoration and projects proposed by Plumas County for Prop 50 funding; will include the linkage between forest management and watershed management; and the linkages between restoration work in the Feather River watershed and the benefits to downstream water users and ecosystems. David Gallo, CSU, Chico Economics / Michael Jackson, Land Management & Water Management / Leah Wills, Plumas County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

(Room 210) Zero Energy Homes Project - Borrego Springs, CA The Borrego Springs project is an ideal experiment because it places different energy efficiency features in four homes, exposes them to the same conditions, and evaluates the overall performance. Rob Hammon, ConSol

(Room 209) Sustainability 101 - Sustainable Economics/Localization: What is sustainability? How do we apply it to our everyday lives. How we can apply it to our careers. This panel will discuss the development of sustainable economic development and practices. Tom Barrett, Chico Sustainability Group

(Room 303) Chico State and Butte Community College: Together, We Can Accomplish So Much: A panel discussing how local schools can work together on common projects benefiting students and the environment while encouraging student involvement. Combined Student Groups: CSU, Chico Environmental Affairs Council / Associated Students of CSU, Chico / Associated Students of Butte Community College / Butte Environmental Affairs Council


Saturday, 3:00-3:50
(Room 209) The Recycling & Rubbish Exhibit (RARE) -RADICAL RECYCLING FOR Kid's K-6: Focus will be on how participation in the RARE program motivates classes to recycle and compost and how in turn they begin to write letters to principals, recycle more and start gardens to make a change toward sustainability. Cheri Chastain, Danielle Baker, CSU, Chico AS Recycling

(Room 210) Volunteer Vacations: Creating Citizenship on Public Lands
Student leaders will share their experience creating a new program and building partnerships and program volunteers will share how their experience shaped their meaning of citizenship. Ann Schwab, Miguel Avita, Jarrod St. Germain, Bryant Pender, Community Action Volunteers in Education

(Room 303) Implementing Energy Efficiency on College Campuses: This panel will highlight the projects and accomplishments of the Chico Green Campus Program since its instatement in fall of 2005. Joanne Panchana, Natalie Robertson, Amelia Gulling, Kevin O’Neill, Green Campus Chico

(Room 314) Bike Friendly Cities: Chico enjoys high bicycle ridership with the potential for doubling the bicycle mode share. Strategies to achieve this doubling will be discussed. Ed McLaughlin, Chico Velo Cycling Club

(Room 312) The Response of American Colleges of Business to Climate Change: Most colleges have little or no coursework or programs in the area of sustainability, while a few colleges are far ahead of the pack and serve as prototypes others might do well to emulate. The response of Chico State's own College of Business will also be presented. Tracy McDonald, CSU, Chico Management Department

(Room 304) Canning Workshop: Workshop on canning foods. Bernie and Evelyn Ritscher, master food preservers for over 20 years!


(Room 100) Mapping the Road to Action
A facilitated wrap-up session designed to layout a series of actions that could flow from the conference, and engage the community in implementation. Stephen Miller, Strategic Energy Innovations

(Grilla Bites, Cohassett Road) Real Food Dinner: A Real Food Dinner will be hosted by the Chico Food Network at Grilla Bites at 6:00 p.m. at the Garden Villa location on Cohasset Road. Tickets for this dinner will be on sale at the registration table located outside of the BMU Auditorium at a cost of $25.00. Make checks payable to Chico Food Network, cash is acceptable, sorry no credit cards! Seating is limited.

Dance Celebration!
(Room 100) Dance Celebration featuring local rock band Chingus

Sunday, November 5th:

9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
(Butte 505) Organizing Your Campus for Statewide Action: A student leadership workshop that will focus on developing an effective leadership structure for Renew CSU. Mark Stemen, CSU, Chico Geography & Planning

Composting Workshops: Learn the basics of backyard composting as well as more advanced composting techniques. See a variety of compost bins you can make or buy. These fun, interactive, and fact-filled workshops are open to all ages. Please bring a water bottle, tennis shoes, and a big smile! Monica Galli, CSU, Chico AS Recycling

Sustainability in Higher Education - POSTER SESSION: Students in GEOG 304: Environmental Issues will present their research on sustainability projects at other colleges and universities. Mark Stemen, CSU, Chico Geography & Planning

11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park
Harvest Festival: Staff and volunteers in 1800's costumes welcome families to the home of Chico's first farmer, John Bidwell. Activities include butter churning, crafts, cake walks, lawn games and gold panning. Other highlights include local vendors and children's art show.


Some of the organizations involved in this year's conference include:

Ag Biomass Council
AASHE Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
AGR Energy
Alaska Outdoors
American Farmland Trust
Arkin Tilt Architects
Associated Students of Butte Community College
Author, Moon Planet Publications
Bakersfield College
Bidwell Environmental Institute
Big Bluff Ranch
Butte College Wildlife Refuge
Butte Community College
Butte Environmental Council
California Certified Organic Farmers
California Great Central Valley Ecoregion
California Housing Improvement Program
California Nevada Cement Promotion Council
Center for Economic Development
Chico Certified Farmers' Market
Chico Natural Foods
Chico Sustainability Group
Chico Velo Cycling Club
Community Action Volunteers in Education
CSU, Chico Associated Students<
CSU, Chico Associated Students Recycling
CSU, Chico Biological Sciences Department
CSU, Chico College of Agriculture
CSU, Chico College of Business
CSU, Chico Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion
CSU, Chico College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management
CSU, Chico Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
CSU, Chico Department of Sociology
CSU, Chico Economics Department
CSU, Chico Facilities Management and Services Department
CSU, Chico Geography and Planning Department
CSU, Chico Graduate, International & Interdisciplinary Studies
CSU, Chico Nutrition and Food Sciences
CSU, Chico Plant Science Club
CSU, Chico Political Science Department
CSU, Chico Provost Office
CSU, Chico Recreation and Parks Management Department
CSU, Chico University Housing and Food Services
Daley Cattle
David Baker & Partners
De Anza Community College
Defenders of Wildlife
5 A Day-Power Play
Friends of Bidwell Park
Friends of the Arts
Friends of the Wildlife Refuge at Butte College
Gallaway Consulting
Glacier Northwest
Green Campus, Butte College
Green Campus, Chico
Llano Seco Ranch
Lonely Planet Publications
New Urban Builders
Newland Communities
North State Renewable Energy
Northern California Regional Land Trust
Organic Architect
Oroville Union High School District
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Butte College Chapter
Pyramid Farms
Reality Tours, Global Exchange
Sierra Cascade Nutrition and Activity Consortium
Sierra College
Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign
Slow Food Shasta Cascade
Solomon E.T.C.
South Butte Sustainability & Smart Growth Coalition
Strategic Energy Innovations
The Nature Conservancy
The New York Times
University of California Cooperative Extension
Wildlands, Inc.
Woodleaf Farm, Oroville