Institute for Sustainable Development

Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

2007 Speakers in Alphabetical Order:


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Lance Astrella


Lance Astrella, President
Astrella & Rice P.C.



Thor Bailey, President
Ag Biomass Council, Inc.

Danielle Baker with the Ritschers

Danielle Baker
, Educational Coordinator
The Traveling Worm Woman


Debra Barger, Director
Regional and Continuing Education, CSU, Chico

Tom Barrett, Member of Chico Sustainability Group

Taylor Bass, Student
Social Entreprenuers Emerging with new Direction (SEED)
The Institute for Sustainable Development, CSU, Chico

Robert Bateman


Robert Bateman, President
Roplast Industries, Inc.


Will Bakx, Co-owner of Sonoma Compost LLC
Co-founder of the California Organic Recycling Council (CORC)
Founder and Chair of the California Compost Quality Council (CCQC)

Genevieve Bertone, Project Manager
Sustainable Works, Center for Environmental and Urban Studies
Santa Monica College

Bret Bosma
The Alliance to Save Energy's Chico Green Campus Program

Jillian Buckholz


Jillian Buckholz, Sustainability Coordinator
The Institute for Sustainable Development, CSU, Chico


Eileen Burke-Trent, Financial Consultant
A.G. Edwards, Inc. / South Butte Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities & Farms Coalition

Rex Burress




Rex Burress
Naturalist, Artist and Essayist


Justine Burt


Justine Burt, Manager of Pollution Prevention, Sustainability and Environmental Management Systems for
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
at NASA Ames Research Center



Torey Byles


Torey Byles, Chairman
The Rogue Initiative for a Vital Economy (THRIVE)



C (top)

Susan Carey, Articulation Officer
Butte College

John Carlon, President
River Partners

Tom Carter



Tom Carter, Vice President
Environment, Health and Safety
Portland Cement Association


Jacque Chase




Dr. Jacque Chase, Chair
Department of Geography and Planning, CSU, Chico

Cheri Chastain, Sustainability Coordinator
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
and Recycling And Rubbish Exhibit
AS Recycling Program, CSU, Chico

Steve Cook, Singer, Songwriter

Kristin Cooper Carter Director
Concrete Industry Management Program
College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management
CSU, Chico

Greg Cootsona, Associate Pastor
Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico

D (top)

Julie Danan, Rabbi
Congregation Beth Israel in Chico

Benn Davenport, Student
CSU, Chico
The Cause/Africana Peace Project

Elizabeth Devereaux, Owner
Devereaux Architectural Glass
and Member of Chico Sustainability Group

Jesse Dizard, Assistant Professor
Department of Antrhopology, CSU, Chico

E (top)

Dave Eaton



David Eaton, Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology, CSU, Chico


Evan W.R. Edgar, Edgar and Associates, Inc.
Co-founder of the California Compost Quality Council and the
California Compost Coalition

Philip Evans, Manager
Grounds Management, San Francisco State University

F (top)

Diana Flannery, Professor
Department of Health and Community Services, CSU, Chico

Amie Frisch, Student
CSU, Chico

Pat Furr Pat Furr, President/CEO
Computers for Classrooms

G (top)

Alan Gair, TreeAction

Bob Garner




Bob Garner
Writer, Artist


Beverly Gentry, Director
Strategic Planning, CSU, Chico|

Bruce Grelle, Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Director of the Religion and Public Education Resource Center
CSU, Chico

Jeremiah Grim, Student
Sonoma State University

Scott Gruendl, Health Director
Glenn County Health Services Agency

Amelia Gulling, Director
The Alliance to Save Energy’s Chico Green Campus Program

H (top)

Todd Harris, Proprietor
SIPerior Homes

Ed Hartman

Edward C. Hartman, Author/Publisher
Think Population Press


Dresden Holden, Director
Environmental Action and Recource Center
CSU, Chico

Jon Hooper, Professor
Department of Recreation and Parks Management, CSU, Chico

Vinita Huang, Graduate Student
University of California, Berkeley

I (top)

Roger Ingram, Livestock and Natural Resources Farm Advisor
Placer and Nevada Counties
UC Cooperative Extension

Shirley Innecken, Botanist
Gallaway Consulting, Inc.

Jef Inslee, Co-owner
Cartridge World

J (top)

Lin Jensen, Senior Buddhist Chaplain
High Desert State Prison, Susanville, CA

Robert Jones, Post Doctoral Fellow
Stanford University

K (top)

Max Kee, Student
CSU, Chico
The Cause / Africana Peace Project

Morgan King



Morgan King , Program Manager
Strategic Energy Innovations


Fred Klammt, Operations Director

LaDona Knigge, Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Planning, CSU, Chico

Madi Krisko, Student
CSU, Chico

L (top)

Kathleen Lawrence-Davis



Kathleen Lawrence-Davis
Local Artist


Arielle Leitner, Student
CSU, Chico

Michael Leitner, Professor
Department of Recreation and Parks Management, CSU, Chico

Margareta Lelea



Margareta Lelea, Program Coordinator
Gender and Global Issues, UC Davis


Jeff Lewis, Co-owner
Cartridge World

Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch, Program Director


M (top)

Grace Marvin, Chair
The Sierra Club's Yahi Group

Susan Mason
Friends of Bidwell Park

Greg Massa


Greg Massa, Rice Farmer
Massa Organics


Grace Marvin, Professor Emeritus
CSU, Chico
Chair of the Sierra Club, Yahi Group

Ben Mattio, Student
Humboldt State University

Rachel McMahon

Rachel McMahon
, Project Coordinator
Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies (CEERT)


Tracy McDonald


Tracy McDonald, Professor
College of Business, CSU, Chico


Kasey Merrill, President
Chico Avenues Association

Amy Miller


Amy Miller
, Sustainability Coordinator
Associated Students, CSU, Chico


Michael S. Miller, Director of Facilities Planning and Management
Butte College

Stephen Miller


Stephen Miller, Program Director
Strategic Energy Innovations

Todd Mills



Todd Mills, Network Development Manager
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)


Phaedra LaRocca Morril, Manager
LaRocca Vineyards

Fumiko Motohashi, Student
CSU, Chico

Kelly Munson, FacultyAdvisor
Butte College

N (top)

Melissa Nall, Butte College Chapter President
Phi Theta Kappa


Laurie Norton


Laurie Norton, Owner
Norton Construction


Rochelle Norwood, Student
CSU, Chico
The Cause/Africana Peace Project

O (top)

Jocelyn Orr, Program Coordinator
Carmen King, Sarah Schneider and Andrea Lanctot, Students
Green Campus Program, Humboldt State University

Melody Overstreet, Director of Activities
JasonVvan Buren, Heidi Hoeck, Lily Lubinsky, Jamie Morrison and Randy Adam, Students
Santa Monica College, Associated Students

P (top)

Maria Phillips



Maria Phillips, Partner
Avenue 9 Gallery


Char Prieto, Professor
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, CSU, Chico

James Pushnik, Professor
Department of Biological Sciences, CSU, Chico

Q (top)

R (top)

Val Reddeman


Valerie Reddemann, Founder/President


Mark Reiser, Owner
Alaska Outdoors

Evelyn & Bernie Ritscher with Danielle Baker

Evelyn and Bernie Ritscher
Master Food Preserver Program
El Dorado County


Melinda Riley, Sociology Department, Butte College
Co-Chair, Sustainability Steering Committee
Coordinator, Clear Creek Curriculum Project

Jessica Rios


Jessica Rios, Love Events

Jennifer Rotnem, Director of Environmental Programs
The Institute for Sustainable Development/College of Natural Sciences
CSU, Chico

Sullen Rowlison, R.N.,
President, Mount Lassen Chapter,
California Native Plant Society


John Ruffo



John Ruffo, FAIA, RIBA
WRNS Studio, LLP


S (top)

Carl Salas


Carl Salas, President
Salas O’Brien Engineers, Inc.



Daniel Salazar, Community Development Planner
City of Fort Bragg

Kristina Schierenbeck, Professor
Department of Biological Sciences, CSU, Chico

Kif Scheuer


Kif Scheuer, Project Coordinator
Strategic Energy Innovations


Irv Schiffman

Irv Schiffman, Professor Emeritus
CSU, Chico - Political Science and
Chair, River Partners


Dick Schneider, Environmental Planner, Consultant
and Population Analyst

Kelly Schoonmaker, Landscape Architecture
Sasaki Associates

Aldebra Schroll, MD
Agryll Medical

Ann Schwab, Vice Mayor, City of Chico
Program Manager, Community Action Volunteers in Education, CSU, Chico

Steve Sherman


Steve Sherman, Manager
Environmental Science Associates
(ESA) Solid Waste Group


Gina Sims, Coordinator
Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion
CSU, Chico

Scott Smith, Principal, Architecture
Sasaki Associates

Pauline Souza



Pauline Souza, LEED AP
Associate Partner
WRNS Studio, LLP


Mark Stemen, Associate Professor
Department of Geography and Planning, CSU, Chico

Francine Stuelpnagel, Student
CSU, Chico

T (top)

Liza Tedesco
Chico Community Member

Eric Teitelman, Directo
Department of Community Development and Public Works
City of Oroville

Imam Mamadou Toure, President
Institute of Islamic and Inter-faith Studies


V (top)

Tom Varga, Capital Projects Services Director
City of Chico

Andy Vranich, Associate Faculty/SIFE Advisor
Business Education Department
Butte Community College

W (top)

Arlene Ward, Cultural Coordinator
Mechoopda Indian Tribe

Leslie Ward, Western Region Manager, LEED Accredited Professional
Tate Access Floors

Chris Weaver, Student
Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion
CSU, Chico

Kim Weir, Member of Chico Sustainability Group

Martha Wescoat-Andes, Economic Development/Redevelopment Manager
City of Chico

Susan Wooldridge



Susan Wooldridge, Author



John WilliamsJohn Williams, Life Coach

X (top)

Y (top)

Shannon York, Student
CSU, Chico

Bill Yoskowitz, General Contractor
SIPerior Homes

Z (top)

Theresa Zaro, Project Manager
Grounds Management, San Francisco State University