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Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson
Spoke at the Fifth Annual This Way to Sustainability Conference ~ November 7th, 2009 at CSU, Chico


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

This Way to Sustainability V Conference November 5-8, 2009

Hosted by CSU, Chico and Butte Community College in conjunction with the Associated Students of each ~ at CSU, Chico

At this year's conference we hosted some amazing speakers and we hope you were one of our 1,400 participants.
Stay tuned to this website for details on This Way to Sustainability VI, November 4-7, 2010.

Purpose: The conference provides a forum to discuss issues that are relevant to our region, our community, and our faculty, staff, and students. We seek to develop common ground to help build a sustainable society; one that balances economic, environmental and social needs. We seek your ideas and proposals for workshops, seminars, posters, and facilitated discussions on these major themes:

  • Sustainability 101: For the novice - this theme is intended for the novice who wishes to better understand sustainability and how to make simple changes in everyday practices.
  • Tools for Leadership & Change: This theme is intended for students and anyone working to organize and lead successful change efforts. Student groups, organizational development facilitators, and activists will share tips and skills for leading successful and sustainable change on college campuses and in local communities.
  • Green Agriculture: This theme will focus on food, agriculture and nutrition. The sessions will examine healthy living, healthy eating, growing organic, and herbal remedies.
  • Green Curriculum: This theme will focus on integrating sustainability into the curriculum. Educators will lead discussions on how schools and individual instructors can integrate sustainability into their curriculum.
  • Green Energy: This theme will focus on the challenges we face in terms of energy and will seek to answer which energy sources (nuclear, coal, oil, biofuels) provide realistic solutions.
  • Green Ethics: This theme will address the question "How should we live our lives so that future generations can live theirs?" Sessions will focus on the ethics of being green, environmental consequences of our actions, medical ethics, and social justice.
  • Green Solutions: This theme will focus on solutions and opportunities people have found in creating a sustainable future. Inspirational leaders will share their success stories and entrepreneurial experiences to help students visualize their transition to future occupations.

Audience: The target audience is broad but aimed at the growing number of faculty, staff, students, administrators, public officials and citizens who embrace the concept of sustainable development, who wish to work together to build sustainable communities, who believe that we can learn from one another, and who realize there are many voices and perspectives that must be heard. Sessions will be designed for beginners, as well as those with advanced knowledge.

"Greenie" Award

Each year we present the "Greenie" Awards to the leaders and organizations in our community and on our campus who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability.  There is an award for a non-profit organization, a business, and an individual. Nominations were open to faculty, staff, students and our community partners.

This year's winners in each category are:

Individual - Robyn DiFalco, AS Sustainability Coordinator
Non-profit - River Partners
Business - Smucker Quality Beverages

Past award winners in each category:

Individual - Dr. James Pushnik and Ken Grossman
Non-profit - Growing Resourcefully, Uniting Bellies (GRUB) and the Butte Environmental Council
Business - Lundberg Family Farms and Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Sustainability seeks to balance economic, social, and environmental needs, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

The deadline for nominations is October 19, 2009. The awards will be presented at the participants reception for This Way to Sustainability, V,  on the evening of November 5th.

Nominations Open for Paul Persons Sustainability Award

The Paul Persons Sustainability Award was established in 2008 by family and friends to honor Paul Persons' memory and to help realize his vision of a CSU system-wide emphasis on sustainability.  Paul wanted every student in the CSU to have an opportunity to learn how to apply sustainable practices in their chosen field and to create a more just society.  The Institute for Sustainable Development is responsible for soliciting nominations and for working with a faculty committee to select one person each year to receive the award.

Nominees will be asked to supply their course syllabus (or syllabi) and other appropriate materials.  The following criteria will be used to determine who the recipient will be.  Nominees should:

  • Demonstrate a concentrated effort in helping students get the broadest perspective possible on sustainability principles.
  • Incorporate methods and materials into their curriculum, including current information, case studies, expert advice on alternative methods and practices used in a particular industry or career path, etc.
  • Facilitate opportunities to learn about procedures that can be implemented to create a more just and sustainable organization, business, or government.

The deadline for nominations is October 19, 2009.  The award will be presented at the participants reception for This Way to Sustainability, V,  on the evening of November 5.

Greening the Conference
Sustainability is the common thread through the conference content as well as the operations. We have accomplished the following to make this conference as sustainable as possible:

  • Ask presenters to limit their handouts during sessions.
  • Limited the number of printed materials and conference programs.
  • Posted entire conference program on Our Sustainable Future web site.
  • Provided online registration.
  • Printed posters and conference programs on Green Seal Certified "Environment" paper, made from renewable energy, containing 100% post consumer, chlorine-free fiber.
  • Provide reusable dishware at all meals.
  • Consciously chose foods that were seasonal, local, and organic when possible, including organic produce from our own University Farm.
  • Limited meat choices at food events and offered vegetarian options.
  • Used bulk condiments at food events.
  • Provided lactation station for breast-feeding mothers.
  • Encouraged participants to offset their carbon emissions.
  • Suggest that participants stay in downtown Chico so they are within walking distance of the campus.
  • Giving recognition to conference participants who are "Caught Being Green."
  • Provided recycling bins throughout conference.
  • Collected all food waste during meal preparation for composting.
  • Provided compost bins throughout conference.
  • CSU, Chico's Art Department Crafted Greenie awards out of recycled glass.
  • Encouraging participants to supply lanyards for name tags from previous conferences they may attended if they have one.
  • Communicating with conference speakers, exhibitors and participants via e-mail rather than printed materials.
  • Removed trash cans from session rooms to encourage zero waste.
  • Provided options for moderators to limit light use during conference sessions.

Parking Information
Thursday, November 5th and Friday, November 6th registered conference participants will be offered a reduced parking rate of $3.00 per day only at the following locations:

  • 3rd floor of the parking structure at 2nd & Cherry Streets
  • Either of 2 lots on the corner of Orange & 3rd Streets

NOTE: Registered participants may purchase permits at the reduced conference rate at any of the dispensers in the parking structure. Choose option three on the dispenser and enter in code 1105 only during the conference. Cash, coin and credit cards accepted. Parking lots are enforced from 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Permits must be clearly displayed on the dash of your vehicle. Parking in any other campus lots will be at the full price of $5.00 per day.

Intn'l Breastfeeding Icon

Accommodation for Lactating Mothers
is available for conference attendees on the 3rd floor of the BMU.  For access to this room, please contact Robyn DiFalco in advance at or call 530-898-6677. A key can be checked out in the Sustainability Office in BMU 301.

To contact conference staff:
Deanna Dottai, Student Conference Coordinator
Teri Randolph, The Institute for Sustainable Development
Or call us at (530) 898-3333


CSU, Chico encourages all people to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please call us at (530) 898-3333 in advance of your participation or visit.

For more information please visit our Disability Support Services web site at

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