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Friday, November 5, 2010
Butte College Campus Conference Schedule

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Friday conference attendees will have the option of attending sessions at the CSU, Chico campus OR at the Butte College campus. Buses will be available to transport participants selecting the Butte College option to the Butte College campus for the day. (See Butte College campus map)

Bus Schedule: Buses will depart from the bus stop at the east side of the Student Services Center (SSC) at the corner of 2nd and Ivy Streets at the following times:
***Buses 1 & 2 Receive FREE Coffee & Bagel***

  • Butte College Bus #1
    Departs CSU, Chico: SSC at 7:45 am, Arrives: Butte GYM at 8:15 am
  • Butte College Bus #2
    Departs CSU, Chico: SSC at 8:00 am, Arrives: Butte GYM at 8:30 am
  • Butte Campus Van Shuttle Departs: Butte GYM at 9:45 am, Arrives: Butte LRC at 9:55 am
  • Butte College Bus #3
  • Departs CSU, Chico: SSC at 9:15 am, Arrives: Butte Bus Loading Zone, SAS at 9:45 am
  • Return to CSU, Chico – Bus #1
  • Departs Butte: Bus Loading Zone, SAS at 12:00 noon, Arrives: CSU, Chico: SSC at 12:30 pm
  • Return to CSU, Chico - Bus #2
    Departs CSU, Chico: SSC at 12:45 pm, Arrives: Butte ARTS at 1:15 pm
  • Return to CSU, Chico - Bus #3
    Departs: Butte ARTS at 5:00 pm, Arrives: CSU, Chico SSC at 5:30 pm
  • Return to CSU, Chico - Bus #4
    Departs: Butte ARTS at 5:30 pm, Arrives: CSU, Chico SSC at 6:00 pm
                Departs: Butte ARTS at 3:30 pm, Arrives: Recology at 3:45 pm
                Departs: Recology at 4:15 pm, Arrives: CSU, Chico SSC at 4:45 pm

    *Chico SSC Location: Student Services Center –2nd & Ivy Street Loading Zone
    **Recology: 3097 Southgate Lane, Chico, CA
    ***If you are driving to Butte College please use Parking Lot 1 by the GYM

Exhibitors at Butte College

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

AI Logo

 Activeion™ Cleaning Solutions
21308 John Milless Drive, Suite 104
Rogers,  MN  55374
Office:    866-950-4667 or 763-428-0081
Fax:        763-428-0083

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Sessions at Butte College Campus:

8:30 Keynote - Debra Rowe
10:00-11:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions
11:30-1:30 Complimentary Lunch for Participants
1:30-2:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions
2:30-3:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

3:30 p.m. Events & Tours

8:30 Keynote
Butte College Gymnasium
Debra Rowe

President of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development
Northern California is often looked upon by the rest of the country as a hotbed for sustainability ideas and initiatives. This presentation will focus on honoring the existing local sustainability initiatives, catalyzing the next steps, and ramping up the impacts to the national level. Dr. Rowe will share resources to leverage local efforts to increase both local and national impacts. Specific strategies and opportunities will be discussed.


10:00-11:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions (BC)

BC - ARTS 130

Learning ~ Education, Business and Community Actions for a Sustainable Future - Next Steps
Debra Rowe, Workshop
This workshop will focus on how core pedagogy of sustainability education can be used to improve the quality of learning and assist government, businesses, NGOs and the campus in their sustainability efforts. Workshop participants will discuss strategies and successful precedents from evolving trends in sustainability education that connect the learners with real world sustainability challenges and solution building to benefit all.

BC - LRC 116

~ Clean Energy Workforce Development
Annie Rafferty, Jon Stallman, Butte College, David Villarino, FIELD, and Brian Boyer, Northern Rural Training & Employment Consortium (NoRTEC)

This panel will share best practices and results of design, development and implementation of Clean Energy Workforce Training including Solar PV Design & Installation, Solar Thermal, Water Conservation, Green Building, Energy Efficiencies, Team Building and Communication. Key learning including pre-training development for optimal NABCEP and HERS certification and testing results.

BC - LRC 118

Business ~ Global Business: Top Models of Sustainability
Rob Holmes, Green Living Project
We will showcase the most successful and leading global business models revolving around cutting-edge sustainability practices. Unique stories illustrated with HD-video and photography explore the top sustainable business projects around the globe. Green Living Project has documented over 50 projects in 14 countries in South America, Central America, East Africa, South Africa and the USA. Business themes include sustainable tourism, eco-lodges, non-profit management, international relations, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. This presentation is popular for business professionals and students, as well as sustainability and travel enthusiasts and anyone interested in Green Living Project.

BC - LRC 142

Business ~ Taking FAFCO the oldest and largest solar water heating through LEAN Enterprise implementation
Jes Vargas, Brian Smith
FAFCO is the oldest and largest solar water heating manufacturer in the US which has experienced rapid growth in our solar domestic solar hot water heating product which can save homeowners significant amounts of energy. Overall, it’s allowing FAFCO to more efficiently deliver energy saving products while simultaneously reducing our own waste and carbon footprint.

BC - LRC 144

Building ~ The Grid Neutral Campus
Theresa Townsend, A.I.A, Supervising Architect, Division of the State Architect and
David F. Thorman, A.I.A., Former State Architect
Following the Governor’s lead, California’s State Architect has focused on incorporating green concepts into the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of California’s K-12 schools and community colleges.  From the State Architect’s efforts came the concept of grid neutral – a site that produces as much electricity as it uses in a year – a measurable goal that community colleges are working to achieve.
This presentation will quickly highlight some of the green policies introduced during the Schwarzenegger administration that led to the development of the grid neutral concept, including the codification of grid neutral in the new CAL Green code.
Following the presentation, there will be a short panel discussion encouraging the audience’s participation in exploring strategies for achieving grid neutral including the notion of cost neutral campuses.

BC - LRC 145

~ Water Efficiencies
Greg Melton, Don Franklin
Learn the Life Cycle of Water - Local water supply, Tuscan aquifer, Cal Water and our water supply. Gain an understanding of AB1881 including who is responsible to meet the requirements, how agencies, development and design community is handling the changes in water regulations and what are the key elements to meeting the regulations.


11:30 a.m. Complimentary Lunch
Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Lunch will be free for all registered conference participants so please join us at 11:30 in the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

1:30-2:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions (BC)

BC - ARTS 130

Learning ~ Planting SEEDS Resources for Faculty and Curricula Builders
Debra Rowe, American Association of Community Colleges
This workshop will start with a specific description of the resources available to faculty and teachers for sustainability education in all academic disciplines. National and international trends in sustainability education will be discussed. The workshop will interactively explain effective strategies to catalyze and institutionalize sustainability education across all disciplines and degrees.

BC - ARTS 142

Building ~ Solar Training Best Practices
Jon Stallman, Rob Foster, Greg January
Butte College has been investigating and practicing the best instructional approach for colleges to prepare students for the solar design and installation fields. This session is a round table discussion connecting the experience of experts in the field of training for Solar PV. While partnering with one of the largest local solar companies, Butte’s solar training team will discuss their approach to theory, hands on training using campus facilities and simulations, necessary basic skills, instructional tools, delivery timing, and student engagement aligned with passing the NABCEP entry level exam. This open forum of discussion will help training programs work together and calibrate to produce prepared students with similar knowledge. Training programs with experience in this field should bring their methods and experiences to the session. If you are involved or considering developing a Solar PV program, you will want to join this session.

BC - ARTS 232

Business ~ Think Locally, Act Globally? Fair Trade and Local Economic Development from Uganda to Chico
Jenais Zarlin, Ben Corey-Moran, Amy Louis, Mandy Johnston
Fair Trade takes its inspiration from decades of development around the world, and also from local models that connect farmers and consumers in equitable and mutually sustaining relationships. Join Chico’s Six Degrees Coffee and Mendocino County’s Thanksgiving Coffee Company to learn more about how Fair Trade supports local communities at home and around the world.

BC - ARTS 234

Jes Vargas, DPMG Corporation
Conducted in partnership with Sierra College under CACT Grant #10-302-027
Business ~ Lean to Green in your Office

Move from Lean to Green by recognizing the difficulty in seeing waste and in applying appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate it.  Workshop activities will introduce “Lean Thinking” as a methodology for identifying and eliminating non-value-added or wasteful elements in office and service operations.

BC - LRC 116

Building ~ Private Sector Building Partnerships
Mike Miller, Butte College, Mark Cirksena, DPR Construction, Norm Nielsen and Richard Hawkins, Chico Electric
From the private sector, building partnerships to deliver quality large scale projects at the lowest cost to the consumer, adopting private sector thinking in the public sector. 

BC - LRC 144

Building ~ Your Building Management System
Bernard Keister
, Guttmann & Blaevoet Consulting Engineers

This session will cover topics including sensor calibrations, alarms, benchmarking and trending for good operation, LEED-EBOM and your BMS and Automated Functional Testing. We will also discuss strategies to either improve your system or your training so that the BMS can assume its rightful place in the Educational Facilities Management Toolbox.


2:30-3:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions (BC)

BC - ARTS 130

Learning ~ Planting SEEDS Resources for Faculty and Curricula Builders (Continued)
Debra Rowe and Todd Cohen, American Association of Community Colleges
This workshop will start with a specific description of the resources available to faculty and teachers for sustainability education in all academic disciplines. National and international trends in sustainability education will be discussed. The workshop will interactively explain effective strategies to catalyze and institutionalize sustainability education across all disciplines and degrees.

BC - ARTS 232

Business ~ Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Solar & LEED Projects
Nils Blomquist, Preconstruction Manager-LEED AP and Christopher Madden, Technical Services Assistant-LEED AP, Butte-Glenn Community College District
Life cycle cost analysis of campus solar and LEED projects, and understanding the true cost benefits of sustainable projects.

BC - ARTS 234

Learning ~ Sustainable Food Systems
Bruce Hicks, Tip Wilmarth, Steve Demaggio, Megan Luke, Butte College

This panel featuring Butte College faculty, staff and students will showcase the curriculum and campus programs that embrace organic farming methods, waste stream management programs on campus as well as feature dining service’s efforts to support local businesses and serve natural choice items and student run efforts to produce food and educational events on campus.  The panel will be followed by a tour of the vineyard, organic lettuce project, worm rows, and finish with refreshments in dining services.

BC - ARTS 246

Timothy Sisson, Trane / Ingersoll Rand
Business ~ The Corporate Role in Promoting Sustainability
The discussion will include sustainability as a business imperative, goals of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, innovation, collaboration, demonstration, Governance Model, Community Outreach and Education. An example will be shared of how a single product can be leverage into a system that has a lasting positive effect on the community.

BC - LRC 116

Learning ~ Parking Lot Pollution- The MESA BWELL Project
Mike Williams, Nena Anguiano, Butte College
The Biofiltration Wetland Education Learning Laboratory (BWELL) Project was designed to examine solutions to prevent parking lot storm water runoff from entering a creek system. The BWELL Project models how an idea creates opportunities for professional development, sustainable actions and lifelong commitment when collaboration occurs outside the classroom between an academic learning community of MESA students, faculty and community mentors.

BC - LRC 142

Business ~ Building Partnerships to Create the Nation's First Grid Positive College
Rich Hawkins, Chico Electric
The Butte College Phase 3 Grid Positive Project will be used as a backdrop for this presentation on building partnerships: companies partnering to deliver quality large scale projects at the lowest cost to the consumer by adopting private sector thinking in the public sector. 


3:30 pm Events and Tours

BC - Sustainability Resource Center Grand Opening
Debra Rowe
Sustainability Resource Center
The Sustainability Resource Center is a place for students, staff, and faculty to further educate themselves on sustainability issues and become involved in the efforts at Butte College, the community, and beyond. The Center has a small library of books, DVDs, magazines, and other publications related to sustainability. It also provides support to students on writing assignments and presentations relating to sustainability. The Sustainability Resource Center is located in Swing Space G (SSG) Room 101.
Contact information: (530)879-6143;

A Tour of the Butte College Campus Solar Arrays
Butte College Facilities Staff
This session will tour the campus solar arrays from Solar Phase I and Phase II, and will discuss the start of Solar Phase III.  The college recently received approval from its Board of Trustees to complete its Phase III solar project, which adds approximately 15,000 solar photovoltaic panels—or 2.7 MW DC—to its current 1.85 MW or 10,000 solar panels—which will ultimately make the college the largest solar producing college in the world –for a system total of 4.55 MW DC of clean renewable energy generation capability. The college will generate over 6.381 million kW hours per year – enough electricity to power over 9,200 average-sized homes, or the equivalent of removing over 6,000 passenger cars from the roadways.    

Scenario Village and Solar PV Training Facilities Tour
Jon Stallman
The Scenario Village will be a state-of-the-art hands-on training facility for police, fire, building inspection, clean energy, and green construction students. The area is designed with twelve buildings themed with Healthy Home, Energy Efficiency, And Green Building Design and Materials. This life like community including streets, a composting toilet, green buildings, sustainable landscaping is completely designed, developed, and constructed by Butte College students for ongoing use within those departments. The project is a work in process with three of the twelve buildings under construction. Included in this tour is a look at our solar training roof and ground mount systems for hands on practice and industry readiness. Come join us for a walk around our most recent and exciting area of development.

Sustainable Food Systems Tour
Bruce Hicks, Tip Wilmarth, Steve Demaggio, Megan Luke, Agriculture and Environmental Studies
The Butte College Agriculture Department has several other ongoing projects with a focus on sustainable practices; Certified Organic Grapes, Composting of cafeteria& other organic waste materials, Certified organic fruit orchard, and more.

Sustainable Art and Architecture Exhibition

Alexandra O'Neil
Conference participants and community members are invited to Sustainable Art and Architecture, an exhibition juried by the community and held in the Butte College Art Gallery (ARTS 106) from 3:30-6:00 PM.   The exhibition reflects on the role of the arts in fostering a sustainable society.  Refreshments will be served.

The Recycling and Rubbish Exhibit
The Recycling and Rubbish Exhibit is a Butte County program that teaches elementary school students about trash and our environment. R.A.R.E. focuses on the 4 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot) and how these four words can help us live a healthier lifestyle and create a healthier environment. Come explore the Recycling and Rubbish Exhibit yourself and our over twenty interactive displays, such as the walk-through compost pile, the history of trash display, and the 6 ft tall trash can!
See Event Photo