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Don't miss out ~ This Way to Sustainability Conference VII - now scheduled for
March 1-3, 2012

Registration for the conference will open January 1, 2012.


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

This Way to Sustainability Conference VII
March 1-3, 2012

By popular demand the date of this conference has been moved from November 2011 to March 1-3, 2012. This student-run event is open to all who are interested in making a difference for our future generations.

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Become a Conference Volunteer and you could participate for free! To find out more please contact our conference staff via email at

Because our goal is to educate for a sustainable future we want to keep our registration fees low so that everyone can attend this important conference.

Purpose: What are the things we can do that will make a difference? Our annual conference provides a forum to discuss current issues that are relevant to our region, our community, and our faculty, staff, and students.  We seek to develop common ground to help build a sustainable society; one that balances economic, environmental and social needs. We will explore programs that will actually help us address the global problems we are now facing. The conference will include workshops, seminars, posters, and facilitated discussions on these major topics:

Campus Best Practices
Balancing economics, the environment and social equity

Sustainable Food Practices and Agriculture
Business and Green Job Opportunities
Water Issues
Sustainable Curriculum
Sustainable Lifestyles

Audience: Our audience is broad but aimed at the growing number of faculty, staff, students, administrators, public officials and citizens who embrace the concept of sustainable development, who wish to work together to build sustainable communities, who believe that we can learn from one another, and who realize there are many voices and perspectives that must be heard. Sessions are designed for beginners, as well as those with advanced knowledge. So that everyone has a chance to participate we've kept our registration fees to a minimum.

Campus Best image

Campus Best Practices As one of the seven founding members of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment to reduce global warming, learn what our campus is doing to improve and enhance sustainable practices, policies, and procedures. What can your campus do? This theme will focus on auditing energy use, diverting waste, water conservation, landscaping, composting, zero waste efforts, cleaning green, transportation, LEED buildings, and much more. We invite your campus to showcase your efforts and achievements in these areas.

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Balancing economics, the environment and social equity: Balancing the three dimensions of sustainability: Sessions that address how to balance the need to preserve the biosphere upon which our lives depend with human social and economic needs will be welcomed, as will sessions that deal with limits to growth, and with the possibilities of infinite growth.  The purpose of these sessions will be to explore the potential of human creativity to help create pathways to the future.

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Sustainable Food Practices and Agriculture: How can we feed the world’s growing populations sustainably? This theme will focus on food, agriculture and nutrition. The sessions will examine healthy living, healthy eating, growing organic, farming, and eating locally, as well as the economics of supporting locally sourced food.  Sessions that also address the issue of how to feed growing world populations well are encouraged.

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Business and Green Job Opportunities:  Will the “green” economy provide new jobs and opportunities? This theme will focus on green business and advances made in the business world. It will also showcase available green job opportunities. Inspirational leaders are invited to share their success stories and entrepreneurial experiences to help students visualize their transition to future occupations. Sessions that address the issues of how large corporations can help to advance an agenda of a sustainable future are welcomed.

Water imageWater Issues: How has wateraffected not only our country but those around the world? How much longer will clean water be available? Water is the building block of life; all beings need water to survive. Can we ensure that it will be available for future generations?

Energy logoEnergy/Solar:  What is the answer to our need for energy to fuel our economy? Can solar save us?  What percentage of the world’s energy needs can be met effectively by the use of solar power in all its forms? Is this source one from which the bottom billion can benefit? Is this a cost-effective solution for our national energy needs?  What might be?

Curriculum logo Sustainable Curriculum
: What do students learn from a sustainable curriculum? This theme will focus on integrating sustainability into the curriculum. Educators will lead discussions on how schools and individual instructors can integrate sustainability into their curriculum. Evaluations of the effectiveness of a sustainable curriculum are especially welcome.

Lifestyles logo Sustainable Lifestyles
: How would you live a sustainable life and will it make a difference? Humans share the earth with many beings and we express that connection in many ways; in our ethics and our art, in our inspirations and our meditations. This theme will focus on solutions and opportunities people have found in creating a sustainable future, daily sustainable practices and life changes.