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Student organizations at CSU, Chico are an important part of sustainability on campus ~ thank you for all you do!

2010 This Way to Sustainability Team


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Greenie Awards Final Voting
Student Organization Category

For This Way to Sustainability Conference VII we would like to recognize our many student leaders and student organizations within the field of sustainability through our "Greenie" Awards. Each year we present the "Greenie" Awards to leaders in sustainability. Nominees were taken through February 17th and have been narrowed down to the top 10.

Now it is time to vote for a Student Organization winner from the list of nominees below before February 28th:

AS Sustainability at CSU, Chico
EcoCAR2 Team, CSU, Los Angeles
Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices (SCOOP), CSU, Chico
Real Food Advocates, CSU, Chico
Engineers for Alternative Energy, CSU, Chico

Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students (ECOS), Sierra College
Net Impact, CSU, Chico
Green Campus, CSU, Chico

Associated Students Sustainability, Green Events Consulting Team
CSU, Chico

AS Sustainability, CSU, Chico (vote now)
AS Sustainability has directly educated thousands of students about sustainable issues, who than are able to take their experiences into the real world. Serving as an organization built entirely out of student fees and for student interests, AS Sustainability is the epitome of what the Associated Students at CSU, Chico stands for and illustrates the job training, social worth and extra-curricular value a student-funded organization can bring into the university experience.

EcoCAR2 Team, CSU, Los Angeles (vote now)
The EcoCAR2 team at California State University Los Angeles is comprised of groups of student volunteers, working together to build the future of hybrid vehicle technology. The CSLA EcoCAR2 team vies with 14 other universities across the country. This is the first year of a 3-year project and the team has already made great efforts. Two distinct groups of student volunteers make up CSLA EcoCAR2: a group of engineering students; tasked with designing, testing, and fabricating a hybrid vehicle, and a group of business students; in charge of youth education outreach, establishing media contacts and exposure, maintaining and securing finances, and educating the public about the benefits of green technologies. The project at CSLA includes some 20 engineering students and 10 business students. It is inspiring to see the amount of students who believe in and are taking part; volunteering their time to further green technologies. The project is especially worthwhile as there are benefits for the students, by having the opportunity to further their studies and actually apply them, and having their endeavors make a real, positive difference in the world. Additionally, through different media outlets: from the website, to attending green conferences and events, to doing television talk shows; this project informs a wide audience. EcoCAR2 is a great opportunity to take part in a team, designing and furthering technology that undoubtedly will play a major role in shaping the future

SCOOP – Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices, CSU, Chico
(vote now)

Assesses current office practices and formulate sustainable recommendations for improvements toward currently achievable sustainable office standards. The areas assessed by SCOOP include: computers, printers/fax machines & copiers, paper & recycling/waste, lighting & energy, purchasing, and health. Setting standards for best sustainable office practices is the ultimate goal of SCOOP as our consultation team educates students and staff alike in sustainable solutions building a greener tomorrow.

Real Food Advocates, CSU, Chico (vote now)
They are trying to break traditional food practices and are having a hard time fighting for what is right due to the traditional food system. They are advocating for all levels of food issues and doing the best they can.

Engineers for Alternative Energy, CSU, Chico (vote now)
Engineers for Alternative Energy (EAE) has given the technical students at CSU Chico the vision of a different path for their careers. All too often these highly skilled students are bombarded with recruiters from oil companies and defense contractors. The EAE has been awarded a grant to develop both a Liquid Cooled Solar Panel Array and an Algae based Bio-Diesel process/machine. These sustainable projects allow technical students the opportunity to develop a set of skills and ideas desperately needed in our modern world. Focusing on one of the largest problems in our modern world, the global energy crunch and energy independence will undoubtedly help to strengthen our great country. The club has welcomed students of all majors to help with the development, implementation, and advertisement of these great projects. For these reasons, I honorably nominate the Engineers for Alternative Energy club as a dedicated student organization focused on sustainability.

Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students (ECOS), Sierra College (vote now)
The ECOS Club at Sierra College has been actively involved in projects supporting environmental sustainability for 20 or more years.  They actively promote environmental stewardship through many activities. They host the Earth Day events on the Sierra College Campus.  This is a 3 day event, which incorporates activities from all disciplines on the campus such as sciences, art, sociology, english, music, and many others. Additionally, ECOS has been instrumental in cleaning, maintaining trails, and gathering data from our 90 acre nature preserve.  They have initiated the use of a 8,000 sq ft compost area and have participated in procuring a goat and sheep grazing restoration on the preserve. Currently, ECOS is actively initiating an on-campus vegetable garden. Every summer, ECOS partners with Yosemite National Park to restore or clean areas within the Yosemite National Park as volunteers. Over the years, ECOS has conducted other significant, student initiated activities such as a used clothing drive, end of year campus dorm clean out, 2 major campus clean-ups per year, cell phone recycling, and others.

Net Impact, CSU, Chico (vote now)
This student org has had a huge impact on our campus. They are heavily involved. They have made it their mission to educate. They are great student leaders!

Green Campus Program, CSU, Chico (vote now)
The group of students at CSU, Chico are highly dedicated to saving energy, and to educating other students, faculty, staff, and our community on how to do the same. This group is very committed to making a difference and deserves this award!

Green Events Consulting Team, CSU, Chico (vote now)
The Green Events Consulting Team is a team of AS Sustainability Collaborative interns at CSU, Chico who work with student organizations and campus departments to provide hands-on support for how to green an event they are planning. The GECT offers a trained Green Event Consultant to help plan and implement sustainable practices throughout the entire planning process and the event as well.  The GECT’s overall mission is to decrees the negative impact events can have on the environment and empower others to use sustainable practices when planning events.
The GECT deserves the Greenie award of 2012 because they are a benefit for the entire campus community. Students develop skills while being a part of the Green Event Consulting Team, facilitate the partnership of campus organizations, as well as the utilization of campus resources which in turn creates community within the campus.  By incorporating sustainable practices into their event planning and execution, CSU, Chico faculty, staff, and students are able to save the campus money, conserve resources, provide a sustainable model for others to follow, and leave a positive impact and lasting impression on the campus and the campus community.