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Greenie Awards Final Voting
Student Category

For This Way to Sustainability Conference VII we would like to recognize our many student leaders and student organizations within the field of sustainability through our "Greenie" Awards. Each year we present the "Greenie" Awards to leaders in sustainability. Nominees were taken through February 17th and have been narrowed down to the top 10. Now it is time to vote for your winner from the list of nominees below before February 28th:

Brittany Alderman, CSU, Chico
Sean Anderson, CSU, Chico
Cate Be, CSU, Humboldt
Camila Torres Galindo, UC Berkley
Anthony "Morgoth" Gamboa, Prescott College
Kara Hearn, CSU, Chico
Amanda Leonis, CSU, Chico
Jose Padilla, CSU, Los Angeles
Alan Rhoades, CSU, Chico
Lynsey Sammons, CSU, Chico
Janelle Wallace, CSU, Chico

Brittany Alderman, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
Brittany is constantly spreading word on sustainable practices throughout the workplace. She has given out samples of her organic fertilizer tea to use in place of things like miracle grow. She has been a vegetarian for five years now and rides her bike eight miles a day, five days a week, to get to work and school in place of a vehicle. At the Saturday morning Market she sells bags of her fertilizer tea, made from biodegradable burlap sacks and all natural horse and chicken manure. She explains to people, with a huge grin, that anyone who gardens should avoid chemical fertilizers and tells how easy and cheap it is to buy local products like hers. She currently owns this as her own local company at only 21 years old and is already reaching out to her community and spreading the word.

Sean Anderson, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
Sean has been instrumental in pushing the Engineers for Alternative Energy student club from deep in the shadows out to the spotlight. He, and others from the club, successfully lobbied the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee (SFAC) for a grant to develop both a Liquid Cooled Solar Panel and Algae based Bio-diesel. The cooled PV panel array will be developed into a portable Laptop and Cell Phone charging station, demonstrating Chico State's commitment to sustainability. The Algae based Bio-Diesel production will in turn be used to fuel the campus diesel fleet, saving both the environment and desperately needed funds for the University. His dedication to these projects has sparked a fire in many students who were not previously involved in the sustainability movement. Sean deserves recognition, and the best recognition I can think of is the Greenie.

Cate Be, CSU, Humboldt (click here to cast your vote now)
Cate is currently President of the Natural Resources Club at Humboldt State University and she is incredibly dedicated to this club.  She attends and helps organize their weekly events doing ecological restoration at sites in northern California and she helps to educate and inform the HSU community about opportunities to improve local ecosystems.  She is very deserving of this award.

Camila Torres Galindo, UC Berkley (click here to cast your vote now)
She is currently working on a project with EWB-UC berkeley chapter. She is the education lead of this major project that takes care of two rural communities in the South of Peru. The project is a water remediation project that works very close with the community to develop together a technology to improve the quality of water, and to reduce the concentration of arsenic. The project is sustainable basically because all the materials used to develop the technologies are local and the community will be trained and certified to do the monitoring and to build them. Additionally, she develops education material for the community.

Anthony "Morgoth" Gamboa, Prescott College
(click here to cast your vote now)
Morgoth is the shining light for me at our school, which hit a rough administrative patch this year. His enthusiasm, knowledge, leadership, and infiltration are exceptional and are making a real difference on our campus. His attitude of 'up off your ass' and 'ubuntu' are practiced by Morgoth in everything he does. He is also has been using his 'snowflake' model of leadership to get students energized, engaged, and committed to goals and projects. Morgoth is different... there is no disputing that... but his different-ness is making real, lasting change at our school. In the area of retention, Morgoth decided to use a class assignment as an opportunity to examine cross-campus retention efforts. He has methodically categorized and defined our approaches and results after extensive interviewing and researching, and is making recommendations that will be used by the administration. Prescott College is perfect for Morgoth because he can take his studies as far as he wants to, and he can make real and lasting change at our school, for the good of our school. These types of changes save the school resources and time and that efficiency is much more sustainable. Kudos, Morgoth!

Kara Hearn, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
Two years in a row this student was the lead coordinator for This Way to Sustainability. The conference planning process was the smoothest it has been since it's inception. Kara was proactive in getting sponsors for the conference, student volunteers, and was highly dedicated to the intricate details of the events herein. Kara also was the lead student coordinator for our Candles in the Canyon fundraiser for our Ecological Reserves at CSU, Chico and although a little rain dampened the dinner, the event was a great success! Kara's dedication to supporting our sustainability efforts at CSU, Chico make her highly qualified for this award!

Amanda Leonis, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
Amanda has shown excellent leadership throughout her academic experience at CSU, Chico, both in AS Sustainability, Sustainable Consultation of Office Practices. Amanda has been able to motivate others, help other explore their footprint, and has dedicated her lifestyle to treading lightly on the earth. Her spirit and positive attitude are precisely the attributes our future leaders need to ensure a sustainable future.

Jose Padilla, CSU, Los Angeles (click here to cast your vote now)
Jose Padilla is one of the best students a professor can hope to have. Excellent grades in classes and outstanding performance outside of class. His has an outstanding friendly personality. He is ready to help anyone in need. He is hard working with dozens of sleepless nights and an excellent sustainability leader who leads by example.
Jose has been instrumental in designing and building a fuel cell powered 100% green and sustainable competition vehicle. The zero-emissions vehicle uses hydrogen produced with green electrons of the student/college built Photovoltaic system. Jose was the team captain for the team that competed with the vehicle in the 2011 Shell Eco Americas Competition in Houston, TX.
Jose was one of the key members of two teams that competed in the multinational 2010 and 2011 Hydrogen Design Contests organized by the National Hydrogen Association. In 2010, a team of seven students completed the project Soaring Eagle Sustainable Hydrogen Community, taking fourth place. In 2011, the contest involved designing a Sustainable Home Hydrogen Refueling. The twelve-student team included two students from East Los Angeles College. CSULA took seventh place among 17 teams that submitted and 54 that registered, and third place among the US teams.
He provided his help to the manufacturing team in the WestTec competition and designed/built the logic circuits for the pin-ball machine. His contribution helped the team clinch the first place.
Jose has also helped with the open house events in the college hosting hundreds of K-12 students in the Power, Energy and Transportation Laboratory introducing them to the modern green technologies: fuel cells, photovoltaics and hybrid/electric vehicles.
While Jose is finishing his BS in Industrial Technology, he has been hired full-time into an engineering position at a local biomedical company recognizing his potential and training. We are hoping that he will continue to provide his environmental and sustainability leadership in this position as well.

Alan Rhoades, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
Alan has committed his entire college experience to issues involving sustainability. He has served as the AS Commissioner of Environmental Affairs, he started the "Stewards for Sustainability" program (which is now incorporated into CSU, Chico's "First Year Experience"), and he has held countless roles with other sustainable organizations both on and off campus. He graduates this year and this award would be a very fitting and deserving acknowledgment to send him to graduate school with.

Lynsey Sammons, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
Lynsey is an inspiration to so many other students. She has been heavily involved with sustainability on the Chico state campus along with promoting sustainability in her lifestyle and other campuses that she has contact with.  She has demonstrated strong leadership for two years with the AS Sustainability program.  She has touched so many students' lives (probably over 200) in the past two years in her role as Sustainability Involvement Coordinator.  She makes it her priority  to help students find what they are passionate about, whether it be sustainability, advocacy, working with children etc.  Lynsey is a charismatic individual who inspires other students to get involved and make a commitment to advancing sustainability on this campus.  She is an extremely hard worker and has improved the sustainability movement on campus by making people more aware and giving people a sense of excitement about becoming involved. Lynsey is so passionate about this work, about making the world a better place for all species.  And she has skills and talent that have made her a huge asset to this campus.  I would be thrilled to see Lynsey be recognized for her hard work and dedication to advancing sustainability at Chico State.

Janelle Wallace, CSU, Chico (click here to cast your vote now)
This young woman has exuded a passion for sustainability as a student. She is a leader in Net Impact and works endlessly throughout the semester with the organization. She is a student who has taken the lead on green business practices. She is an inspiration to her peers and amazes her faculty! Great individual.


The Greenie Award winners will have their stories and accomplishments displayed at the conference and will be announced at the Conference Welcome Reception on Thursday night. Only registered conference participants who have already sent us their RSVP will be admitted as this event is now full.