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This Way to Sustainability Conference VII - March 2012

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Keynotes and Featured Speakers this year include:

Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 4:00 pm
Bell Memorial Union Auditorium
Free to all registered conference participants

Wallace J Nichols Outside Magazine Cover

Dr. Wallace "J." Nichols is a scientist, activist, community organizer, author and dad. He works to inspire a deeper connection with nature, sometimes simply by walking and talking, other times through writing or images. Science and knowledge can also stoke our fires. But he knows that what really moves people is feeling part of and touching something bigger than ourselves.

J. is a Research Associate at California Academy of Sciences, founder/co-director of Ocean Revolution, an international network of young ocean advocates and catalyst for LiVEBLUE. He earned his MEM in Environmental Policy and Economics from Duke University's Nicholas School and his PhD in Wildlife Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of Arizona.

Read more about Dr. Nichols at

Cover of Outside Magazine, December 2011 Nichols advises a motivated group of international graduate students and serves as an advisor to numerous non-profit boards and committees as part of his commitment to building a stronger, more progressive and connected environmental community. 

His work and ideas have been widely published in academic journals as well as popular media such as National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Huffington Post, Time, Newsweek, Scientific American and GQ.  

Lately he is working on, a global campaign to pass a blue marble through every person's hand, and BLUEMiND: The Mind + Ocean Initiative, exploring the intersection of neuroscience and the sea. He blogs at


Friday, March 2, 2012 at 1:45 p.m.

Bell Memorial Union Auditorium
Free to all registered conference participants

Laura Stec

is Corporate Chef for Pescadero Foods, Inc. and their local-food brands Wattle & Comb® and Zoupka®, She is also Culinary Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente, former chef for LifeLong, Inc., and Kaiser farmer's markets, and former consulting chef at The International Culinary School (Art Institute of California). In 1988, she founded EcoEaters, one of the first food and environment programs in the U.S., and has been connecting healthy people to a healthy planet for over 20 years. As a green-cuisine consultant, she lectures nationally and internationally. Her book, Cool Cuisine – Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming is co-authored with atmospheric scientist, Dr. Eugene Cordero (Gibbs Smith, 2008).
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Book signing to follow at 3:00 p.m. at the BMU Main Lobby Mezzanine


Bell Memorial Union Auditorium
Saturday, March 3rd at 3:00 p.m.

Peter Joseph

is an emergency physician trained by Vice President Al Gore to help educate the public about the devastating impacts of global warming. He will review the latest scientific data and discuss both the technical and political aspects of humanity’s greatest challenge.

Climate Crisis Cover

The Climate Crisis looms as the most serious threat to human civilization. Recent data indicate more rapid warming and accelerating greenhouse gas emissions than previously projected. As the political process addresses the issues, disinformation floods the public space, creating confusion and delay.  What must be done to reduce emissions and begin to pull greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere in order to avoid dangerous climate change and to return the Earth to a safe-climate future?  How can the public and decision-makers cut through the spin and denial in order to do what is necessary?



TOUR Thursday on the East Side of Siskiyou Hall
FILM - Bell Memorial Union Auditorium Friday, March 2nd at 9:00 a.m.

TOUR The Soltrekker RV
Thursday, March 1st all day
Parked at Siskiyou Hall

The Soltrekker RV is a traveling sustainability exhibit designed for high education events. The RV is equipped with Solar Panels, Composting Toilet, Water Catchment Systems, Sustainable Wood Floors, Biodiesel engine, LED lighting, and even has Recycled Jeans for insulation. Come experience this hands on approach to sustainability education and share your local stories of community work. 

Featured Film - Friday, March 2nd at 9:00 a.m.

“Connecting Students to Global Sustainability" will showcase cutting-edge sustainability projects across Central and South America, Africa and North America. Students will experience the expedition team’s journey and witness the latest efforts in wildlife conservation, sustainable tourism, voluntourism, rainforest conservation, indigenous communities, renewable energy, research, education, and more. You can see a great video about how we are connecting with students using multimedia here

RV Photo Green Living Project logo



Friday, March 2nd at 10:00 a.m. Photo Documentary & Featured Film at 4:10 p.m.

Michael Fitzpatrick
Alice & Lincoln Day


Friday, March 2nd at 10:00 a.m. Photo Essay

What We Are Leaving Behind in Iraq - Michael Fitzpatrick this photo essay produced by Alice and Lincoln Day, featuring the story and photography of Michael Fitzpatrick, a senior at CSU, Chico, specializing in philosophy and English language and literature.  A veteran of the US Army, where he served 5 years as a Sergeant, Fitzpatrick had two tours of duty in Iraq:  from March 2004 to March 2005 and then again from October 2006 until January 2008.  During these tours he was able to take thousands of photos.  The documentary presents some of these photos and the stories they reveal, which unintentionally provide a photo journal of the environmental devastation caused by the war in Iraq.

Friday, March 2nd at 4:10 p.m. Featured Film

"Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War"

Alice & Lincoln Day first teamed up with VideoTakes, Inc. and the American University Center for Environmental Filmmaking to produce a five-minute trailer of “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives; The Environmental Footprint of War,” which was screened at the 2006 DC Environmental Film Festival. Upon completion of this trailer, the Days formed a tax-exempt non-profit entity, the Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows, for the purpose of producing the entire film.

Saturday, March 3rd at 11:00 a.m.
Bell Memorial Union Auditorium

Tony Gamboa

is one of the founders of the group Sustainabilibuddies whose tag line reads “social sustainability in action”.  Part of this action is doing academic research through Prescott College on social sustainability, which created the Camp Ubuntu curriculum (a new solidarity environment of groundbreaking experiential and altruistic learning).  Because of the recent academic success Morgoth has been spending his time further developing the science of monitoring social change and enlightenment. His eccentric style of social advocacy can be expressed with a quote of his “We live in a beautiful time, a time where we can focus on the reality of working with each other rather than against.  By being passionate about what we do, and grateful for what we experience, we are able to appreciate on a whole new level.”  He lives by the motto of Ubuntu! –“I am, because you are.”
See Friday schedule for Prescott College workshop