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In loving memory of Paul Persons

Don Hankins & Bonnie Persons, 2013
Don Hankins, 2013 Award Recipient with Bonnie Persons


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Paul Persons Award

Professor and Sustainability Icon
Many people knew Paul Persons as family man, activist attorney, and all-around adventurer. But few knew how tirelessly he worked to establish the principles of sustainability as a core concern of California State University, Chico and—his more recent priority—the entire CSU system.

Furthering sustainability was a primary purpose for Paul Persons and the University committed itself to its sixth strategic priority with his considerable support. Paul understood that protecting the environment assumed a commitment to environmental justice.

The Paul Persons Sustainability Award was established in 2008 by family and friends to honor Paul Persons' memory and to help realize his vision of a CSU system-wide emphasis on sustainability. Paul wanted every student in the CSU to have an opportunity to learn how to apply sustainable practices in his or her chosen field and to create a more just society.

The Institute for Sustainable Development is responsible for soliciting nominations and for working with a faculty committee to select one person each year to receive the award. Previous recipients of this award are:

  • 2008 ~ Timothy Sistrunk, CSU, Chico History Department
  • 2009 ~ Diana Flannery, CSU, Chico Health and Community Services Department
  • 2011 ~ Jesse Dizard, CSU, Chico Anthropology Department
  • 2012 ~ David L. Brown, CSU, Chico Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
  • 2013 ~ Don Hankins, CSU, Chico Geography & Planning Department

Click here to nominate the faculty member you feel is deserving of this award this year. Nominations will be accepted through February 15, 2013.

Nominations will be accepted for CSU, Chico faculty only and must be submitted online by February 15, 2013. Once received, nominees will be contacted and asked to provide relevant course syllabus (or syllabi) and other appropriate materials. The following criteria will be used to determine who the recipient will be. Nominees should:

• Demonstrate a concentrated effort in helping students get the broadest perspective possible on sustainability principles.

• Incorporate methods and materials into their curriculum, including current information, case studies, expert advice on alternative methods and practices used in a particular industry or career path, etc.

• Facilitate opportunities to learn about procedures that can be implemented to create a more just and sustainable organization, business, or government.

The recipient of this year's Paul Persons Sustainability Award will be presented during the This Way to Sustainability Conference VIII reception on Thursday, March 7, 2013 in the BMU Auditorium (reception guests must be registered conference participants to attend).

Click here to nominate the faculty member you feel is deserving of this award this year. Nominations will be accepted through February 15, 2013.


Greenie Awards

Each year through our Greenie Awards we recognize businesses, individuals, students, non-profit organizations, or community members in their successful efforts of working toward a sustainable future. This year we will focus only on one Student Organization and one Community Organization within the northstate who has met the following criteria:

  1. Nominated organizations must have clearly demonstrated an accomplishment or a significant improvement relating to sustainable solutions that they have implemented through their project, research, community involvement, or other means.
  2. The accomplishment must have occurred within the past two years.
  3. Nominated organizations will be asked to provide documentation of their accomplishments.

Judging Criteria

  1. Does the sustainable solution address the “3 E’s of Sustainability”: Economy, Ecology, and Equity?
  2. Can the solution sustain itself? In other words, what resources are used to maintain and implement the solution?
  3. Are other organizations able to replicate the sustainable solution?
  4. What is the scale of impact of the sustainable solution?
  5. Is synergy demonstrated as a result of the sustainable solution? In other words, does the solution support broader goals in sustainable development?

Only one nomination submission is allowed per registered conference participant. Link to the nomination form from your registration receipt.

Our 2013 Award Recipients were:
Student Organization ~ SCOOP, Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices

Community Organization ~ Grid Alternatives, North Valley