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Don't miss out ~ This Way to Sustainability Conference IX - now scheduled for
March 6-8, 2014

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This Way to Sustainability Conference IX - March 6-8, 2014
Since June 2006


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

This Way to Sustainability Conference IX
Growing Toward a Sustainable Future
March 6-8, 2014

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This student-run conference hosts over 100 speakers and 1,400 participants at our CSU, Chico campus. This is an enormous educational opportunity for our students, and yours!
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Conference Registration is required for all conference events, presentations, keynote presentations, workshops, and receptions. Register online January 1 - February 28, 2014.

Purpose: Explore approaches that will make a difference for a sustainable future. Our annual conference provides a forum to discuss current issues that are relevant to us all. We seek to develop common ground to help build a sustainable society; one that balances economic needs, social needs and environmental realities. We will address solutions for the global problems we are all now facing. The conference will include workshops, seminars, posters, and facilitated discussions.

Audience: Our audience is broad but aimed at the growing number of faculty, staff, students, administrators, public officials and citizens who embrace the concept of sustainable development, who wish to work together to build sustainable communities, who believe that we can learn from one another, and who realize there are many voices and perspectives that must be heard. Sessions are designed for beginners, as well as those with advanced knowledge. So that everyone has a chance to participate we've kept our registration fees to a minimum.


Food and Ag imageSustainable Food and Agriculture: This year's conference will make a priority of addressing food and agriculture. We would like to provide insight on methods and solutions developed that will allow us to feed the world’s growing populations sustainably. We will seek proposals with content on:
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Farmland Protection
  • GMO's
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Food Security
  • Ag Mitigation
  • Agro Ecology
  • Sustainable Food Production
  • Co-ops
  • Eating Local

Energy Water Climate imageEnergy, Water and Climate Issues: Help identify solutions to our need for energy to fuel our economy. What can we do to ensure a clean and abundant water supply for future generations? Identify how we can link climate change knowledge with potential implementation strategies that can help inform policy decision-makers. What have we learned so far, what options are available to us now, and what lies ahead? This theme will focus on solutions for our energy, water and climate challenges.

Education imageSustainability in Education: What do students learn from a sustainable curriculum? What has been solved by teaching future generations about sustainability? This theme will focus on integrating sustainability into the curriculum. Educators will lead discussions on how schools and individual instructors have integrated sustainability into their curriculum. Evaluations of the effectiveness of a sustainable curriculum are especially welcome.

Business imageBusiness and Economic Strategies: The “green” economy has provided new jobs and opportunities. This theme focus is your opportunity to share your green business advances and solutions that are sure to improve our economic future. It will also showcase available green job opportunities. Inspirational leaders are invited to share their success stories and entrepreneurial experiences to help students and community visualize their transition to future occupations. Sessions that address the issues of how large corporations have helped to advance an agenda of a sustainable future are welcomed.

Lifestyles imageSustainable Lifestyle Goals:  Share your everyday choices that make a difference. We all share the earth with many beings and we express that connection in many ways; in our ethics and our art, in our inspirations and our meditations. This theme will focus on personal goals, ideas and opportunities people have found in creating a sustainable future, daily sustainable practices and life changes.

Emerging Ideas iconEmerging Ideas: Are there other sustainability-related issues that you would like to address? We are leaving this theme up to your input.


You can take a look at our past years' conferences by visiting our archives. See conference programs, event info, photo galleries, and more.

Without support from our conference sponsors we would not be able to host this important conference each year. Sponsorships help us to bring to Chico the well-known speakers we have hosted during the past eight years (see our archives).

Sponsorships allow us to keep registration pricing at a minimum so that everyone wanting to attend this conference has the opportunity to do so. There are several levels of sponsorship available and we hope you will plan to be included in this year's conference. To become a sponsor complete our sponsorship form. Sponsors of this prestigious, national event receive recognition on our website, in printed conference materials, at special events during the conference, and in our promotions and outreach leading up to the conference.

Become a Conference Volunteer and you could participate for free! To find out more please contact our conference staff via email at

The following volunteer positions are available:

  • Session Moderators
  • Registration Coordinators
  • Special Events Coordinators
  • Building & Facilities Coordinators
  • Housing Coordinators
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Technical Support Coordinators
  • Community Center Coordinators
  • Volunteers during the event

Planning team members are needed to start now. We hope to see you in March 2014!