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Parkview Elementary Students at TWTS IX

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This Way to Sustainability Conference X K-12 Greenie Awards ~ Voting Page

The annual This Way to Sustainability Conference K-12 “Greenie Awards” this year will recognize student groups from schools within the Butte County School Districts on Thursday, March 26th in the BMU Auditorium from 9-11 am. Participants will vote onsite during this time only!

First, second and third place winners will be announced on Thursday, March 26th from 11-11:30 before the Local Lunch in the BMU Auditorium.

Of the following student groups nominated, click on the link below each to nominate the student group you feel most fits the judging criteria outlined:

Judging Criteria

  1. Does the sustainable solution address the “3 E’s of Sustainability”: Economy, Ecology, and Equity?
  2. Can the solution sustain itself? In other words, what resources are used to maintain and implement the solution?
  3. Are other organizations able to replicate the sustainable solution?
  4. Does the solution impact school, home and neighborhood environments?
  5. Is synergy demonstrated as a result of the project? In other words, does the project support broader goals in sustainable development?

(Only ONE Vote per Registered Participant - ONSITE ONLY)

K-6 Grade Category 7-8 Grade Category 9-12th Grade Category
Chico Country Day Sherwood Montessori Las Plumas High School
Notre Dame   Inspire School of the Arts
Oakdale Heights    



Nominated Elementary School Student Groups
(K-6th Grade):

School: Chico Country Day School
Group Name: Ian Roye/2nd grader
Individual Student Project: Save the Oceans

Description: Ian Roye, a Chico Country Day School 2nd grader, has come up with a way he and his school can help the environment.  He has a plan to minimize the endangerment of our ocean denizens caused by the epidemic of plastic bags that find their way to the sea.  After watching the movie “Turtle: The Epic Journey,” Ian was so moved by what he had learned about this epidemic that he wanted to do something about it.  He decided that it would be a good idea if the families at his school would recycle their plastic bags—and he would help them do it!  He passionately explained to the folks in the main office at school that he wanted to do a “Save the Oceans” project.  He wanted to place a recycle container in the office to collect plastic bags.  They agreed!  So there is now a recycle container in the main office with a “Save the Oceans” sign on it and instructions on how students can bring in plastic bags from home that previously may have gone in the garbage.  With his mother’s help, Ian also contacted Andy Keller (owner and creator of Chico Bags) to see if he could help, too.  Mr. Keller graciously committed to donating one free Chico Bag to each family at CCDS that brings in a plastic bag to be recycled.  Bags will be collected through the end of February 2015 and Chico Bags delivered in March.    At the young age of seven, Ian is demonstrating that he has the “green” heart of a true environmentalist!



School: Notre Dame School
Name of Group: Eco Club
Group Project: Worm Composting and Bench

This year the Notre Dame Eco Club has been learning about Worm Composting! We invited a guest speaker from the Butte Co. RARE program to come and teach us about worm composting, we have studied and handled composting worms and this year we fundraised enough money to purchase an outdoor bench to store our worm bin in. Our new worm bench is located in the school's student snack area so our members can feed the worms with compostable food from our daily snacks. Eco Club students take care of the worms and take the time to teach their fellow students about the worms and their wonderful ability to transform our food back into nutrient rich castings. We then use those castings to feed the plants in Mary's Garden where the children eat snack. We love our little red wigglers and I'm sure you will too!!



School: Oakdale Heights
Group Name: Third Grade Team
Group Project: Sustainable Community Outreach

Description: (1) This team has expanded our involvement with community groups and businesses in their efforts to educate our students about the environment and how it relates to our role here at school. They have involved CSU, Chico, UC Davis, Butte County Public Health, RARE, the Fish Hatchery, Butte Community College, and a number of business who have donated time and materials to build our gardens, release our steelhead and salmon, plant our trees, and establish the education and practice of recycling and conservation. (2) They have planted a wonderful garden and participated in the RARE program. They have taken their classes to the fish hatchery and salmon release as well as the Neal Road landfill and worm farm. They have composting bins and teach reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. They also have involved a number of community organizations and businesses in their projects. They continue to be an inspiration to other classes at Oakdale, who have followed their lead.




School: Parkview Elementary School
Group Name: Mrs. Janos’ Third Graders
Group Project: Water Conservation at Home, School, and Community

Description: These young environmental stewards have recognized that California is in a serious drought, and that water conservation needs to be taught to everyone in the community, both young and older.  After researching sustainable water conservation techniques, students have worked together to create student-written "enviro-mercials," essays, and even a class book that can be shared to teach other in the school and the wider community.  Students have also researched, designed, and engineered practical devices to conserve water, including water catch systems connected to gardens, water filtrations systems, and timers for home water use.  Water catch systems designed by students will be used at the school to supplement water needed to grow a garden.


Nominated Student Groups (7-8th Grade)

School: Sherwood Montessori
Group Name: 7-8th Grade Students
Group Project: Grow Cook Eat

Grow Cook Eat was written (and published!) by and for elementary and middle school children as part of Sherwood Montessori's garden-kitchen program. Learning where food comes from, how to grow/nurture, prepare and then enjoy it is at the heart of this cookbook's purpose. There are 20 fun recipes and lots of additional information on sustainability including community outreach for sustainable practices through Food Corps, CSU Chico Nutrition Department interns and Sherwood Montessori's community including a piece by Director Michelle Yezbick. There are lots of color photos and even a math problem (how many teaspoons in 5 gallons?!).


Nominated High School Student Groups (9-12th Grade)

School: Las Plumas High School
Group Name: BCOE Special Projects
Group Project: Meet Me at the Salad Bar

Description: Local students learn sustainable strategies from Paul Olson in the garden & landscaping in the classroom at Las Plumas High School. Students cultivate and support their program by selling native plants for habitat restoration at Lake Oroville. To increase access to healthy fruits and vegetables, students raise and sell vegetable starts to school and community gardens. The Center for Healthy Communities was lucky enough to help Paul Olson and his class with engaging future food literate children by implementing a Kids Farmer’s Market and sharing nutrition education.



School: Inspire School of Arts and Sciences
Group Name: AP Environmental Science
Group Project: Compost

Description: Inspired by the previous class’ vermiculture project, this year’s group of AP Environmental Science students at Inspire decided to create a larger and more permanent composting program. The students designed and build an enclosure for their compost piles, and researched what it would take to create a successful pile. The compost pile utilizes food scraps from students, weeds from campus, and grass trimmings from the field, and the resulting compost will be used in the future for a school garden created by Inspire’s Environmental Club.


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