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Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Campus Sustainability Day - October 24, 2012

The Institute for Sustainable Development, the Associated Students Sustainability Program, and Facilities Management and Services hosted the 10th Annual Campus Sustainability Day on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012. Campus Sustainability Day is devoted to the challenges and achievements of the students, faculty, and staff who integrate sustainability principles and practices into their institutions and surrounding communities. Together, we’re moving society forward to a sustainable future. As individual campuses we are strong, but as a movement, we are stronger still.

Campus Sustainability Day at Chico State was a time to reflect. Students learned about on-campus sustainability programs and initiatives, were able to connect to like-minded people, and find out about all kinds of great opportunities for involvement on campus.

A campus sustainability open house was held in the Bell Memorial Union Auditorium from 9 am to 1 pm and included displays highlighting sustainability programs and practices from across the campus. Chico State was recently named to the Princeton Green Guide’s Honor Roll. Students learned about all the great work that’s contributed to this recognition in Facilities, Academics, Housing, Dining, the Associated Students, Campus Governance, and much more!

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Campus Sustainability Day1 Building Projects Building Projects2 College of Business Writing Group AS Sustainability
Bike Cart AS Recycling AS Marketplace Cafe Wildcat Store Compost Display Sustainable Engineering
Env Affairs Council Recycling & Waste Station Real Food Challenge WREC Building BMU Operations CLIC Community Legal Info Center
SFAC Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee Net Impact SCOOP Sustainable Consulations of Office Practices SCOOP 2 PowerSave Green Campus Alternative Transportation
BCCER Outdoor Ed Institute for Sustainable Development This Way to Sustainability Conference Alt Transportation PowerSave Green Campus2 Diversion Excursion
Campus Sustainability Day 2 Campus Sustainability Day 3 IT Support Services Business & Finance Student Collaboration Eli Goodsell
Campus Sustainability Day 4 Ecological Reserves Poster Student Leaders Mark Stemen & James Pushnik Chico State 125 Years  


Thank you to all who coordinated, participated and attended this wonderful event.