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Lucid Design Group's BuildingOS

BuildingOS, the leading cloud-based building management platform, integrates and aggregates portfolio-wide building and metering systems data for simple, collaborative analysis.

Resource Optimization
Centralize data into one source-of-truth across your utilities and buildings portfolio.

  • Use real-time data to drive action and realize ongoing savings.
  • Reduce inefficiencies such as peak demand and portfolio drift.
  • Eliminate surprises with trend monitoring and alerts.

Compliance Reporting
Simplify the cumbersome compliance process by integrating with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and automated two-way reporting.

  • Automate compliance reporting to Energy Star.
  • Know where your buildings stand and track progress.
  • Make your progress public and easily share your data.

Occupant Engagement
Engage and empower your occupants to become active participants in energy management initiatives.

  • Tell your sustainability story and keep people informed.
  • Host energy and water use reduction competitions.
  • Engage your entire community with real-time data.

Finance & Planning
Create accurate budgets and forecasts based on real-time data to make better, data-driven capital planning decisions.

  • Predict energy costs and increase visibility.
  • Measure and verify the return on efficiency projects.
  • Automate, centralize, and validate utility billing.

Portfolio Management
Leverage unified operating data to reduce the cost and complexity of tenant management, and create a better tenant experience.

  • Access real-time insights into your tenants and properties.
  • Manage cost allocations, and customize rates and terms.
  • Simplify bill reconciliation and verification.