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Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Campus Sustainability Committee Members

On Feburary 23, 2011 President Zingg approved the formation of the Campus Sustainability Committee.
See Executive Memorandum 11-017

Committee Membership and Organization (updated Fall 2012)



Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)

Belle Wei

Vice President for Business and Finance (or designee)

Lori Hoffman

Ex-officio Members:


The Senior Director of Facilities (or designee)

Marie Patterson  

The Director of Planning, Design, and Construction (or designee)

Lynda Miracle

The Executive Director of the Associated Students (or designee)

George Rankin

The Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development (or designee)

James Pushnik

The Campus Sustainability Coordinator (or designee)

Fletcher Alexander

The Associated Students Sustainability Coordinator (or designee)

Eli Goodsell

The Associated Students Environmental Affairs Commissioner (or designee)

Kaitlin Haley



Director of Transportation (TAPS)

Robyn Hearne

Representative appointed by the President

Dale Wymore

Representative appointed by the Vice President of University Advancement

Marion Harmon

Representative appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs

Mike Bates

Staff member appointed by Staff Council

Heather Kilcoyne

Staff member from Information Resources, appointed by Information Resources

Brooke Banks

Student appointed by the Associated Students

Taylor Herren

Faculty member appointed by Academic Senate

Jesse Dizard

Faculty member appointed by Academic Senate

Tim Sistrunk

Faculty member appointed by President

Eric Houk


When: Spring

Term: Two years, optional renewal