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This Way to Sustainability Conference XIII
Sustaining Our Future
March 15-16, 2018

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Thank you to everyone who is participating in this important event this year! This annual conference focuses on factors that allow communities and individuals to prepare for a dynamic future, one with uncertain, but generally increasing, socio-ecological stresses. We will explore opportunities to enhance community and individual well-being, and the resources needed to do so.

Our conference proposal submission deadline was Friday, November 10, 2017. If you submitted a proposal, we will be responding with the status of your proposal by December 8, 2017. Please note, any changes to your submission are also due by December 8th. We hope to see you in March!

This year's included topics:

Water Resources water icon

    • What are the critical ethical, social, environmental, and economic determinants of and impacts on water resources of changing climate and population dynamics?
    • How should water resources be equitably allocated between users?


Climate Impacts on Food & Agriculture climate impacts

    • How will water availability and temperature changes  affect our current level of food supplies
    • Economic impacts and their consequences
    • How do changes in food access affect individuals and communities health?
    • What is the role of food security in community vitality, and what social, environmental, ethical, and economic factors are determine food security?

Lifestyles, Health & Wellness lifestyles icon

    • To what extent and how are health and wellness correlated to vibrant communities?
    • What individual, social, cultural, and other factors enhance or inhibit a community’s resilience?
    • What community services are most critical to ensuring livability?

Energy and the Environmentenergy icon

    • What will a carbon-neutral energy future look like, and how can we get there?
    • What roles do conservation and energy efficiency play in this future, and what are the associated technological and behavioral needs?

Infrastructure and Transportationinfrastructure transportation icon

    • How can communities prepare for climate-related impacts on their infrastructure and transportation dependent commerce
    • How can we alter commerce and commute patterns to reduce climate impacts?
    • How do we create more livable communities?

Laws, Policies and Business laws policy business icon

    • How might we reform our laws and policies so that we don't run ourselves out of business in America?
    • How do current laws and policies influence or economic vitality?
    • How can we prepare future generations for jobs in California?
    • How can we influence laws and policies to secure jobs long term?

Population population icon

    • How do we deal with population growth?
    • Changing demographics and aging populations
    • Identify emerging problems relating to continued population growth

Science and Technology science tech icon

    • What emerging scientific insights and technologies are critical to a sustainable future?
    • In which fields—disciplinary or interdisciplinary—is there greatest need for more training, and at what level?

Community Partnerships & Action community partner icon

    • How can we as a community take meaningful, deliberate, collective action to remedy the impact of problems in our community?
    • Public Safety
      • Self Sufficiency
      • Citizen Engagement
      • Addressing Homelessness Issues

Educating for Resilience education icon

    • What combination or knowledge and skills are most critical to providing future generations with capacity to address a constantly changing and dynamic world?
    • How and in what ways can engaging students in community activities and research enhance resilience?

Student Engagementstudent engagement icon

    • How have students worked to engage and activate other students, community, faculty, staff, families, etc.?
    • How have student groups worked to change the problems we face?
    • What projects have been implemented, what ideas have been formed, and how will they accomplish these goals?

business iconBusiness and Economic Strategies

The “green” economy has provided new jobs and opportunities. This theme focus is your opportunity to share your green business advances and solutions that are sure to improve our economic future. It will also showcase available green job opportunities. Inspirational leaders are invited to share their success stories and entrepreneurial experiences to help students and community visualize their transition to future occupations. Sessions that address the issues of how large corporations have helped to advance an agenda of a sustainable future are welcomed.

The Institute for Sustainable Development provides access to relevant research and education about sustainability, as well as an open forum for discussion about sustainable practices. In some cases we may not share the same viewpoints or opinions of some of our participants.


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    • Contact/response to Greenie Nominees: 2/1/18
    • Speaker proposal deadline: 11/10/17
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