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Sherwood Montessori
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2018 Greenie Awards


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

K-12 Greenie Recognition Awards 2018

With sponsorship by the Rawlins Endowment for Environmental Literacy, through our Greenie Awards we will recognize student groups in their successful efforts of working toward a sustainable future on Thursday, March 15th from 8:00-10:00 am in the Bell Memorial Union where participants will vote for the winning group projects.

Nominated K-12 Student Group Projects are:

Sherwood Montessori School Garden and Cooking Program
K-6th Grade Students

Our school garden and cooking program connects children with where their food comes from. Healthy food, grown in our school garden, is prepared and enjoyed by the students. From the ground, we clean and prepare the food for special meals, special events, and everyday tasting for the kids and for the teachers. We have a school-wide farmers' market and other fundraising projects for this small, public charter school to continue to provide this program for our community.


Central Middle School Mural
7-8th Grade Students

This spring the Central Leadership Students have partnered with the CSU Chico, Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) and the CSU Arts Department to design and paint a mural on the middle school campus. To make sure the diversity of the campus is reflected parents, family members, as well as staff will be invited to share their ideas for the design focusing on health and possibly depicting the importance of water in the region and Lake Oroville to a thirsty state. In February 2017 many students who attend Central Middle School in Oroville found themselves evacuated from their homes due to possible danger of flooding from the Oroville Dam Spillway. Five months later the Wall Fire was burning out of control. It has been a tough year for families in Oroville. In February CHC will conduct lessons on the importance of water, the need for advocacy and care of water will be discussed. In addition, students will learn about the two Superfund clean-up sites in Oroville. CSU Chico Art students will work with them later in the month to discuss design and lead an activity to help students decide on the mural focus. Students will paint their ideas. In March CSU Chico Art students will create a draft design based on conversations and art submitted by students. During April and May the wall will be power washed and prepped, and painting will begin. If all goes as planned the mural will be completed mid-May. If Central Middle School wins this award the money will be used to rent tools needed for painting and the possible purchase of paint.


Los Molinos High School
9-12th Grade Students

The Los Molinos High School Associated Student Body (ASB) is partnering with CSU Chico, Center for Healthy Communities and the CSU Arts department to design and paint a mural on the outside wall at Nuway Market facing Highway 99. This mural will feature Los Molinos farms and agriculture in a prominent location visible to all who drive the corridor between Red Bluff and Chico. Just over 2,000 residents reside in this town located in Tehama County. There is one high school and one K to 8 elementary school. Highway 99 runs right through the center of town; commuters drive through to jobs in Chico, Red Bluff or on their way to I-5. 100% of the students here receive free and reduced lunch. Nuway Market is a locally run market that features fresh fruits and vegetables. A mural on the side of this store will attract not only the local community that already does their shopping at Nuway, but has the potential to educate commuters to the bounty of locally grown produce in the small town of Los Molinos. Farmers in this community are strongly tied to the high school and Future Farmers of America. Families come out for high school football and other school events. The high school is hub of activity for this community. The high school ASB students look forward to connecting with CSU Chico art students to discuss design and future opportunities in art at the college. If they win, these students would use the money to purchase materials needed for the mural.

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