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This Way to Sustainability Conference
2017-18 Team

2018 Team Photo
Left to Right: Teri Randolph, Alyssa Myers, Kelly Scott, Cristina Perez, Michala Pelren, Rachel Garrett, Ty Hartl, Elizabeth Harmer, Kelsey Koll, Nocholas Chicoine, Lilly Ross, Fletcher Alexander, Maggie Scarpa, and Michal Hanson.


Michal Hanson


Michal Hanson was born in Texas, but when she turned 10 years old she moved to Sacramento, California. Now, 19 years old, she is a second year environmental science major here at Chico State. She has always known she wanted to do something to contribute to the well-being of the environment with an emphasis on helping the oceans, and this year she decided This Way to Sustainability would be a good way to get involved and make a difference.




Ty Hartl


Ty Hartl grew up on a ranch, in southern Trinity County, surrounded by animals and Hydroelectric plants. She will be graduating in Spring 2018, with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, a double minor in Management and Agriculture Business. She lives in Chico with her boyfriend (Levi) and their dog (Kiara).  She has always been very interested in sustainability issues and its affects, but was never sure what she could do. Until she found This Way to Sustainability. It has given her the tools to and knowledge to make changes in her life. Her ultimate life goal is to “leave the world better than I found it."




Lilly Ross


Lillian Ross grew up on the Central Coast of California and came to Chico State in 2014. She is a senior who will be graduating in Spring 2018. She is majoring in business administration with a concentration in management with two minors in managing for sustainability and sustainability studies. She did not realize her passion for sustainability until moving to Chico when she started to take the general education sustainability studies pathway. She realized the importance of sustainability and spreading the awareness. After graduation, she hopes to strive in a career where she can continue to inform others about the essential connection between sustainability and successful business practices.



Christina Perez


Cristina Perez is a second year here at Chico State coming from Bakersfield, California. She is currently double majoring in Math Education and Multicultural and Gender Studies. She feels education and awareness are crucial the success of our future and this is why she has decided to get involved in our This Way to Sustainability conference. She hopes to one day effect change in both our local community and beyond.




Elizabeth Harmer


Elizabeth Harmer is a senior graduating in the Spring of 2018. Originally from Whittier, CA, she came to Chico state in the fall of 2014 as Liberal Studies major with a minor in Child Development. She wanted to volunteer with This Way to Sustainability Conference in hopes of learning more about sustainability so that she can implement her experiences and knowledge in her future classroom. She feels the children are the future for sustainability and teaching them early on is the key to having a more sustainable future.




Alyssa Myers


Alyssa Myers is a second year currently majoring in Biology. She's a member of Omicron and currently serving on the Sustainability Affairs Council. Sustainability is an important part of her life and she hopes to one day apply that to a career. She practices a vegan lifestyle and enjoys playing basketball in her free time. Alyssa would like to one day see the world realize the importance of being environmentally friendly in every day life. 




Kelly Scott grew up in the San Gabriel mountains and developed a deep love for nature at an early age. This is her 4th year at Chico State and is majoring in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. She is the Green Events Coordinator for AS sustainability and enjoys being involved in campus and community affairs. Protecting the environment and all of the creatures within it has always been her passion. She feels the best way she can do this is by volunteering for the This Way to Sustainability conference so she can help educate and encourage others to fight for sustainable development.