Institute for Sustainable Development

"Another year, another great conference!"

Participant at TWTS XIII
March 2018


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Conference Testimonials 2018

In closing this year we wanted to share with our audiences some of the anonymous comments from our participants of This Way to Sustainability Conference XIII.

~ "I am so grateful for the opportunities that this conference as opened up for me. I have meet so many inspiring people. It feels good to know there are other people working hard to accomplish the common goal of a future we can all look forward to."

~ "Another year, another great conference!"

~ "Invite more California college groups. It’s essential that more colleges be involved."

~ "It's an amazing student ran event that is a true testimont to our generation wanting to create a better world and taking a step in the right direction by bringing people from many sustainable facets to speak here."

~ "As my first time attending the conference, I am astounded by the interactive workshops and discussions with other attendees. The whole two-day event provided casual networking and personal sharings of various views on climate change and sustainable solutions. Thank you for the event!!"

~ "I look forward to this important event every year. Such a wonderful opportunity for faculty, student, staff, community, and inter-campus communication and networking. Also appreciate the Greenie awards to show appreciation of student sustainability efforts at all education levels."

~ "Great, well organized conference. Learned a lot about current topics."

~ "The This Way to Sustainability Conference is an excellent way to get students involved. Besides just attending the conference, there are lots of student volunteers who gain invaluable event experience!"

~ "Chico State's "This Way to Sustainability" Conference was really well organized and catered to a variety of interests within the field of sustainability. It was awesome to see what Chico State is doing to impact the community as well as potential careers students can have once they graduate."

~ "Keeping our future leaders engaged in this annual sustainability conference will help ensure a better place to live."

~ "The conference brought together a broad group of experts and advocates that are clearly passionate about issues, both local and global, that impact our environment."

~ "As a student at CSU, Chico, I always attended this conference and had a such an amazing time interacting with other students and professionals who share the same interest in sustainability as i do. I was really excited to be able to come back to this conference as an alumni and be able to speak on a topic that I care deeply about was an honor. It was sort of a full circle experience for me and one of the many reasons I'm proud to be a CSU, Chico Alumni."

~ "It was a great event as usual and I'm excited to come back again next year!"

~ "It was cool to network with other people passionate about sustainability."

~ "One stop shop about what’s really going on in climate change and how you can be a part of the solution. A great place to rethink your professional aspirations and how to make your life’s purpose a reality."

~ "This conference is wonderful! The staff and volunteers hosting the conference were very professional and once again put on a terrific conference! More students and community should attend to learn about sustainable solutions before it's too late! I hope Chico State administrators see what it provides for the students, community and greater California communities. It would be such a shame to end it."