Institute for Sustainable Development
Denis Hayes

Students Plant Seeds of Change

The Cause ~ CSU, Chico students strive to live sustainably

Sustainability is on the minds of many at CSU, Chico. However, to one group of students, sustainability is more than an idea; it is an intricate part of their lives.
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Chameides visiting TISD

Chasing Sustainability

David Chameides speaks in Chico

With students packed into every corner of the Performing Arts Center 134 on February 27, David Chameides described himself as the average “shmo,” except this “shmo” has a basement full of garbage and a car running off of vegetable oil.  Continue Reading

Greendance Logo

Greendance Film Festival

February 28-March 2, 2008

The 2008 Greendance Film Festival was the second annual environmental film festival in Chico, CA.  Last year the film festival was named the Ch*Eco Film Fest.
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