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Meet Halli Bovia

CSU, Chico's New Sustainability Coordinator

February 2009

Staff Writer
The Institute for Sustainable Development

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the campus sustainability team, Halli Bovia, our new university sustainability coordinator. Halli received her BS from Chico State in biology and her master's from Chico State in interdisciplinary studies (ecology and sustainability).

Halli brings a depth of experience to the position, having helped to organize our annual conference, This Way to Sustainability, as well as Butte Community College's annual conference on sustainability. She directed Butte Community College's greenhouse gas inventory and made recommendations for lowering the college's carbon footprint.

Halli was a teaching associate for the introductory biology course at Chico State and has been a botany technician for Plumas National Forest.

Halli will have major responsibility for directing the work as our campus completes a new greenhouse gas inventory as part of the Presidents Climate Commitment.

She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband Chris and their daughter Tatiana.

Halli Bovia photo

Halli Bovia ~ Campus Sustainability Coordinator