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Our Newest Award-Winning Student Program

February 2009

by Teri Randolph
The Institute for Sustainable Development

In the summer of 2008 four students working with the Green Campus Program branched out to focus on comprehensive sustainable office audits. Tami Kautz, Marni Merrill, Brittan Carlson, and Amelia Gulling were hired by the Institute for Sustainable Development to perform the office assessments.

The consultations are free to all campus departments and take about an hour. The students have been trained to use energy auditing tools, and are very knowledgeable on sustainable recommendations on behavior change. Among items assessed are computers, fax machines, copiers, lighting, electrical equipment, paper and recycling, purchasing, and more. They work to educate students, faculty and staff in sustainable office practices and solutions. They have completed six office consultations so far and have several more planned before the end of the spring semester.

SCOOP approaches sustainability from a four pronged manner; applying the three tiers of sustainability to development and implementation, offering a service learning opportunity for students, fostering the institutionalization of campus-wide sustainability, and is a five-program collaborative focused on developing campus sustainability.

SCOOP is supported by the Associated Students Sustainability Fund (SFAC), The Institute for Sustainable Development, Business and Finance, the Green Campus Program and AS Recycling and Sustainability.

The students prepared a PowerPoint presentation outlining their project and presented it at the CSU Facilities Management conference in November 2008 ~ they won first prize!

In January 2009 new SCOOP director Alan Rhoades was hired to oversee the auditing team and coordinate with departments on scheduling consultations.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your office assessed please contact Alan Rhoades at the SCOOP office directly by calling 898-4335 or e-mail

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SCOOP provides Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices for campus offices.

For an appointment please contact Alan Rhoades via e-mail at