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Associated Students Expand Compost Area at CSU, Chico

AS Sustainability Fund Project

August 2009
by Trevor Prater, Public Relations Intern
The Institute for Sustainable Development

(CSU, Chico) With its eye on the Associated Students’ goal to become a Zero Waste Campus by 2015, the Associated Students (AS) Recycling Program has received more than $3,600 in funding to increase the educational workshop capacity of its Compost Display Area. The grant comes from the AS Sustainability Fund, established to promote sustainability in the Chico community.

Funding provided by Associated Students Sustainability Fund at CSU, Chico will allow the CDA to add an additional 1,260 square feet of compost space. These funds have also helped provide seating at the compost display area with benches made from 100 percent recycled plastic materials and paid for new gardening tools for the on-site organic garden. Students host classes at the site, emphasizing the practicality of composting with visual displays and by planting vegetables directly in finished compost product. 

CSU, Chico composted 176,000 pounds of waste during the 2008-2009 academic school year, about 14 percent more than the prior year. The expansion of the Compost Display Area was necessary in order for AS Recycling to continue the growth of its composting program, and the goal of diverting its waste stream.

The benefits of the Compost Display Area (CDA) extend far beyond its practical purposes and reach into the Chico community as well.  Each year the Compost Display Area hosts a varied audience of professors, students, school children and community members to teach the benefits of composting and alternative ways of managing household waste. The Compost Display Area will use this extra funding to serve more  people from the community and become further established as a primary composting resource. The CDA is available to anyone interested in starting a compost program at their own home, workplace or school.

“Ideally, we want to get as many people out here as possible and inspire their interest in sustainability and composting” said Desi Hatton, Compost Education Coordinator for the AS Recycling Program. “Many people don’t know you can plant fresh vegetables in the food scraps and leftovers composted from their own food.”

The Compost Display Area is located behind Yolo Hall and adjacent to the Yolo Fields. For information on upcoming public seminars or to schedule a tour or event please call AS Recycling at (530) 898-5033. (See map of compost areas on campus.)

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CSU, Chico composted 176,000 pounds of waste during the 2008-2009 academic school year.