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CSU, Chico's South Campus Neighborhood Project Recognized at CHESC 2016

CHESC 2016 Best Practices Award for Innovation in Sustainability


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

South Campus Neighborhood Project

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Starting Spring semester 2016 the Institute for Sustainable Development at Chico State has launched a new partnership with the City of Chico focused on the South Campus Neighborhood. Bringing an interdisciplinary approach to addressing real community sustainability issues in the classroom, the Institute has coordinated faculty across eight departments and four colleges to focus their academic expertise and students in at least one course on a different component of the neighborhood. In the first phase of this partnership, we’re exploring existing conditions related to transportation infrastructure, circulation, public safety, crime, lighting, the urban forest, community stakeholders, neighborhood history / character, and other community facets to lay the groundwork for development of a comprehensive neighborhood improvement plan. The proposal for this Project was presented to the Chico City Council in November of 2015 and was approved 7-0.

The Project is being managed on the University side by the campus' Sustainability Programs Manager and on the City side by the Director of Public Works. Other City participants include staff involvement by the Public Works Manager of Operations and Administrative Manager, the Parks and Natural Resources Manager and Field Supervisor, the Principal Planner and GIS Manager, the Deputy Chief of Police, and the City Manager. Additional Project Stakeholders include neighborhood residents and property owners, business owners and employees, non-profit and community organizations and others. The end goal of this Project is to enhance the safety, livability, vitality and sustainability of the neighborhood where the University and the Town meet, where a significant portion of our student body resides and where so many of our campus-community issues intersect.

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