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Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices (SCOOP) won first place for student projects at a CSU system Facilities Management conference in November, 2008 (see news release).

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SCOOP - Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices

SCOOP is a student organization working with offices on campus to assess current office practices and make recommendations for improvements. This student project began in 2007 with students performing office energy audits and comprehensive sustainability consultations.

SCOOP provides sustainable consultations to all campus departments and offices to learn and take charge in new “sustainability” techniques to start saving money and energy. The process consists of student consultants taking a walk through the office and then providing recommendations for the office to become more sustainable. These are the categories of change:

  • Energy
  • Procurement
  • Waste/Recycling
  • Transportation
  • Office/Employee Health and Wellness

We would love to work with your office/department! To participate in an office consultation please complete an application by clicking HERE to submit an online request or contact our consultants at the information provided below.

Internship Opportunities:
Each semester the Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices (SCOOP) program is looking for new student interns to join our team of dedicated and passionate consultants. Interns learn how to be consultants by identifying opportunities and recommendations to improve sustainable practices in department offices on campus. If you are interested in joining SCOOP, you will meet with us for an interview and then attend a training session. Continue to visit this web site for interview schedules and vacancies.

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