BSW Student Association

The BSW Student Association's purpose is to provide an organized forum for shared interests regarding social work as a profession and social issues that pertain to social work. The club aims to provide social work students with informational speakers, fund raising to support community programs, facilitation of student involvement in the National Association of Social Work (NASW) Lobby Days in Sacramento, and opportunities for students to experience group work including leadership activities.

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Social Work Club Officers

Faculty Advisor Kathy Cox
President Amanda Harris
Vice President Courtney Parker
Secretary Liz Bowen
Shelby Netherby
Treasurer Maritza Vera
Events Coordinator Kristi Macy
Events Coordinator Lanette Roach
Fundraising Coordinator Sarah Bundy
NASW Liaison
Heather Bentley
NASW Liaison Heather McReynolds
Inter-Class Liaison
Cynthia Dunn
Inter-Class Liaison CC Chervellera
Inter-Class Liaison La Vada Keen
Club Photographer Valerie Maclean
Club Photographer
Heather McReynolds
Club Photographer Toni Sweat
Junior Representative