School of Social Work

Application Items Required

What do I need to begin the Professional Sequence application process?

The Professional Sequence application includes:

  • Choose your program format
  • General Information (your contact information)
  • Academic Work
    • Information about ALL community colleges, colleges, and universities you have attended/are attending
    • Please include CSU, Chico
    • Attach unofficial transcripts or “screen shots” of your unofficial transcripts/campus portal, as long as your school, courses, grades, and your name are included
  • Prerequisite Course Work
  • Community and Social Services Experience
    • Applicants will need to ask their community and/or volunteer supervisors for documentation on their hours status
  • Personal Statement
    • Upload a .pdf, .doc, or .docx
    • Essay Questions {One paragraph per question. Your document will be 2 pages (Traditional) or 2.5 pages (Distributed Learning)}:
      • Please describe what you believe are your academic strengths based on your first 60 units completed.
      • Please describe what you believe are your professional strengths based on your service learning or paid work experience.
      • Which social issues are likely the most challenging for you to address?
      • How do you plan to deal with your own bias regarding these social issues?
      • Distributed Learning (DL) Applicants only: In a paragraph or two, describe how the DL option is a good fit for your educational goals and emphasize your commitment to the north state after graduation.
  • Criminal History
    • Please describe in detail the offense and the outcome, including all information regarding fines, restitutions, sentencing, and/or rehabilitation
    • Applicants with a criminal history will not affect the application or acceptance process. The BSW Director will meet individually with each person to discuss the impact in relation to the SWRK Field Program.
  • Documented in-progress or completion of volunteer hours
    • Your supervisor(s) will need to send an e-mail to regarding your volunteer hours. This e-mail will need to include a brief description of your duties, the number of hours you have completed, the number you are expected to complete by December 15th, and their contact information.
    • Volunteer hour information from your supervisor(s) must be submitted to by 11/30.


I Am Ready to Apply!