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Title IV-E Information

Title IV-E Brochure

Title IV-E MSW Students

Introduction to MSW IV-E Learning Contract (PDF) (PDF)

MSW CalSWEC Child Welfare Curriculum Competencies (PDF) (PDF)

Caseload Verification Form (DOC) (DOC)

Title IV-E BSW Students

Introduction to BSW IV-E Learning Contract (PDF) (PDF)

BSW CalSWEC Child Welfare Curriculum Competencies (PDF) (PDF)

BSW Curriculum Competencies Inventory (DOC) (DOC)

Caseload Verification Form (DOC) (DOC)

Field Education

Title IV-E Learning Goals (DOC) (DOC)

Title IV-E Field Experience Inventory (DOC) (DOC)


Mileage Log (XLS) (XLS)

Mileage Log (PDF) (PDF)

Example Mileage Log (PDF) (PDF)

Title IV-E Policies & Procedures

Monetary Obligation Information for Full-time Students (PPT) (PPT)

Monetary Obligation Information for Part-time Students (PPT) (PPT)

Program Completion Guide (PDF) (PDF)

Employment Search

Merit System Services - All Listings

Merit System Services Application

Employment Search Form (PDF) (PDF)

California Counties Map (PDF) (PDF)

California Counties Websites (PDF) (PDF)

Tribal Welfare Agencies in Northern California (DOC) (PDF)

Federally Recognized Tribes in California

Tribal TANF Programs in California (DOC) (PDF)

California of TANF Programs (PDF) (PDF)

Employment Obligation

Employment Verification Form (DOC) (DOC)

Employment Obligation Information for Full-time Students (PPT) (PPT)

Petition & Appeals Process

For instructions and petition documents, please contact Jené Rabo at


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California Child Welfare Resource Library

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