Spring 2015

Please note: The following SWRK courses do not require you to purchase any textbooks:

SWRK 189, 305, 310, (book purchased in the Fall for 435 will be used in the Spring for 445), 610, 612, 630, 652

The Chico State Wildcat Bookstore guarantees the lowest price on all books. Please visit their website for more information.

* Indicates that the previous edition can be purchased.

Course# Textbook Title Required Edition/Year Author Publisher ISBN
170 Intro. to Profession of Social Work Yes 4th/2013 Segal Cengage 978-0-8400-2910-2
Pub. Man. of Am. Psych. Assoc. No 6th/2010 (2nd print) APA APA 978-1-4338056-1-5
200 Diversity, Oppression & Social Functioning Yes 3rd/2011 Appleby Pearson 9780205787296
302 Understanding Human Behav. & Soc. Environ. Yes 9th/2013 Zastrow Cengage 978-0-8400-2865-5
303 Human Behavior In Macro Social Environment Yes 4th Kirst-Ashman Cengage 9781285075495
Pub. Man. of Am. Psych. Assoc. No 6th/2010 (2nd print) APA APA 978-1-4338056-1-5
320 Exploring Child Welfare Yes 6th/2013 Crosson-Tower Pearson 978-0-205-81992-8
The Lost Boy Yes 1997 Pelzer Health Communications, Inc. 9781558745155
325 Direct Social Work Practice Yes 9th* Hepworth Cengage 9780840028648
474 Community Resources for Older Adults Yes 4th/2013 Wacker Sage 9781452202464
478 Anatomy of Peace Yes 2008 Arbinger Inst. Ingram 9781576755846
Crazy Yes 2006 Earley Peng USA 9780425213896
Within our Reach Yes 2010 Carter Mac Higher 9781594868818
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Yes 3rd/2014 Pratt Elsevier 9780123870025
485 Social Welfare Policy & Social Programs Yes 2nd/2010 Segal Cengage 9780495604198
609 Intro to Group Work Practice Yes 7th/2012 Toseland Pearson 9780205820047
Self-Care in Social Work Yes 1st Cox NASW Press 9780871014443
644 Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services Yes Burghardt Sage 978-1-4129-7017-4
652-30, 31 Social Worker as Manager Yes 7th/2014 Weinbach Pearson 9780205957910
654 Handbook for Study of Mental Health Yes 2nd Schied Cambridge 9780521728911
Democracy Owner's Manual Yes Shultz Rutgers 9780813530383
655 Family Policy Matters Yes 2nd/2006 Bogenschneider Taylor 9780805860726
Democracy Owner's Manual Yes Shultz Rutgers 9780813530383
656 Winning Grants Step by Step Yes 4th/2013 Oneal-Mcelrath Wiley 978-1-1183783-4-2
673 Trauma & Recovery Yes 1997 Herman Perseus 0465087302
674 Community Resources for Older Adults Yes 2014 Wacker & Roberto Sage 9781452202464
677 Beautiful Boy Yes 2007 Sheff Houghton Mifflin 9780618683352
Tweak Yes 2008 Sheff Simon & Schuster 9781416972198
681 Family Therapy: Concepts & Methods Yes 10th/2013 Nichols Pearson 978-0-205-82719-0