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BSW/MSW Foundation Final Evaluation of Student (Fall & Spring) (DOC)
MSW Concentration Final Evaluation of Student (Fall & Spring) (DOC)

Evaluation of Field Education Program by Agency Field Instructor (PDF)
Performance Contract  (DOC)

Ethical Guidelines and Consent (PDF)
Employment Based Field Practicum Proposal (PDF)


Agency Orientation Quiz (PDF)
Comfort Scale (DOC)

Conceptual Model of Generalist and Advanced Generalist Social Work (DOC)
Constructivist Self Development Theory (DOC)
Critical Thinking (DOC)
Developing the Learning Contract PDF (PDF) | PPT (PPT)
Developmental Stages of an Internship (PDF)
Effective Conflict and Confrontation (DOC)
Elements of Effective Supervision (DOC)

Essential Social Work Knowledge, Values, and Skills (PDF)
Factors that Sustain and Deplete the Professional Self (DOC)
Guidelines for Asking and Giving Feedback (DOC)
Interpersonal Skills Inventory (DOC)
Learning Style Quiz (PDF)
Legal Aspects of Field Instruction (DOC)
Motivational Interviewing Supervisory Approach (DOC)
Policy, Research Integration Tips PDF (PDF) | DOC (DOC)

Practicum Supervision Agenda Example (DOC)
Sample Learning Contract - MSW Concentration (DOC)
Sample Learning Contract - BSW/MSW Foundation (DOC)
Solution Focused Supervision Approach (DOC)
Student Orientation to Placement Agency (DOC)
Suggestions for Macro Assignments in Field Placements (DOC)
Supervision Notes (DOC)
Supervision Styles (DOC)
Tips for Supervisors (DOC)
Trauma Informed Supervisory Approach (DOC)

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