Title IV-E Application

Applications for the Title IV-E MSW  program  for the academic year 2017-2018 will be due April 10, 2017.* Students who wish to apply to the MSW IV-E program must have been accepted into the MSW program before applying.

*All dates are subject to change based on changes to the MSW program admissions.

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program application packet is available below:

  1. Applicant Instructions
  2. Title IV-E Application
  3. Affirmation Form
  4. Essay Questions for Personal Statement and Directions
  5. Reference Form (two required)
  6. Agency Support Form (required for current social service/child welfare employees)
  7. Title IV-E Program Descriptions

For questions, contact Jené Rabo by email at jmrabo@csuchico.edu or by phone at 530-898-4261.