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The MSW Application Process is currently CLOSED
The next MSW Application will be available October 1st, 2018 - January 5th, 2019

The One-Year Program is comprised of the Concentration year plus six units of summer preparation courses, requiring 34-36 units** of course work and 720 hours of field education practicum experience. It is designed for those who have obtained a BSW degree that is CSWE-accredited within the last five (5) years, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and who have exhibited outstanding performance in their undergraduate social work studies and/or employment in social services. (**depending on program plan)

The Two-Year Program is comprised of the Professional Foundation year and the Concentration year, requiring 59-61 units** of course work and 1200 hours of field education practicum experience. The Concentration year involves a focus of study in either Social Work Practice in Mental Health Services (MH) or Social Work Practice in Families, Children and Youth Services (FCY). Neither focus will limit employment opportunities, as the core knowledge and skills of the Advanced Generalist Practice model apply to all types of employment.

The Three-Year Distributed Learning Program provides the same MSW curriculum as the Two-Year Program. This program admits students once every three years with the next cohort of students beginning fall 2018. As in the Two-Year Program, this program requires a total of 59-61 units** of course work and 1200 hours of field education practicum experience. Additional admission requirements and course and schedule information are in the current CSU, Chico University Catalog and the CSU, Chico website.

If you have additional questions about our MSW programs, please call or send an e-mail to:

Dr. Sue Steiner, PhD

MSW Program Director

Dr. Seema Sehrawat, PhD

Distributed Learning Coordinator

Jenny Funk, ASA II

BSW & MSW Program Assistant

Melissa Cheatham, ASA II

Distributed Learning Program Assistant