Application Items

What Do I Need to Begin the Professional Sequence Application Process?

The Professional Sequence Application includes:

  • Choose Traditional or Distributed Learning program
  • General Information (contact information)
  • I have read and agree to abide by the NASW Code of Ethics.
  • Academic Work (information about which community colleges, colleges, and universities you have attended/are attending)
  • Social Work Core Course Information (information from your transcripts)
  • Volunteer Service or Previous Social Work Experience Documentation (service hours completed or in progress)
  • Questions for Personal Statement (up to 500 words/1 page PER QUESTION, uploaded as PDF, Word Doc, or Word Docx)
    • Please describe what you believe are your academic strengths.
    • Please describe what you believe are your professional strengths.
    • Which social problems are likely the most challenging for you to address?
    • How do you plan to deal with your own bias regarding these social problems?
  • Please describe any criminal history including adjudications or convictions for violations of any local, state, federal, Canadian, or international law (other than non-moving motor vehicle violations.

I am Ready to Apply!