Application Items

What Do I Need to Begin the Professional Sequence Application Process?

The Professional Sequence Application includes:

  • General Information (contact information)
  • Social Work Core Course Information (information from your transcripts)
  • Questions for Personal Statement (up to 500 words/1 page)
    • Please describe what you believe are your academic and personal strengths as a potential social worker.
    • Which social problems are likely the most challenging for you to address? How do you plan to deal with your own bias regarding these social problems?
  • Choose Traditional or Distributed Learning program
  • Have you ever been adjudicated or convicted of a violation of ANY local, state, or federal law (other than non-moving vehicle violations)?
    • If you responded Yes, please explain the nature of the circumstances and your current situation regarding this matter. This response will not prevent you from entering the program, but may affect the type of internship you may complete.
  • I have read and agree to abide by the NASW Code of Ethics.
  • Volunteer Service or Previous Social Work Experience (service hours completed or in progress)

I am Ready to Apply!