Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree: 120 units
Course Requirements for the Major: 60 units

Social Work Core: 24-25 units

The following courses must be completed before taking any courses from the professional sequence in the spring semester of the junior year (Semester I).

BSW Course Plan - October 2015

Social Work Core Courses (24-25 units)

BIOL 103/104 human ana/phy 3 Units
ECON 101/102/103 Economics 3 Units
MATH 105 Statistics 3 Units
PSYC 101 Principles of Psychology 3 Units
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 Units
SWRK 170 Social Welfare Institutions: A Response to Power and Scarcity 3 Units
SWRK 200 Diversity & Social Justice 3 Units
SWRK 302 Human Behavior Across the Lifespan 3 Units

NOTE: Please be aware that California community offer 1-8 of the above noted courses. Those interested in the SWRK major must make an appointment with the BSW Program Director to determine if any courses completed outside CSUC meet the criteria for completions.

Required Elective

Social Work Electives: SWRK 320, SWRK 474, SWRK 478, SWRK 481
One elective required of all social work majors, in consultation w/ their major adviser

Volunteer Hours

Please note completion of SWRK 170 requires documentation of a minimum 10 hours of service learning or volunteer experience. Please contact the course instructor for specifics

Professional Sequence: 36 units

Credit for life experience or prior work experience in lieu of course work or the social work practicums is not permitted. Please refer to the BSW Student Handbook for more information regarding the school’s transfer of credit and proficiency exam policies. All social work courses required in the Professional Sequence are restricted to social work majors.

In the event you drop, do not receive at least a grade of C-, or take an incomplete in a required course, including the Social Work Core, you may be ineligible to progress in the major.

Please note Math 105 or its equivalent must be completed with at least a grade of C or higher. Further, Human Anatomy  or Human Biology or Human Physiology must be completed with a grade of B or better to count for the CSUC MSW program.

All courses must be taken in the sequence outlined.

Semester I (Spring): 12 units (3 courses required)

SWRK 303 Human Behavior & the Social Environment 3 Units
SWRK 325 Basic Skills in SWRK Practice 3 Units
SWRK 330 Social Work Research Methods      4 Units

Semester II (Fall): 13 units (4 courses required)

SWRK 435 Social Work Methods I 3 Units WP
SWRK 485 Social Work Policy, Programs, & Services 3 Units
SWRK 489A Social Work Practicum I 5 Units
SWRK 490A Seminar for Practicum I 1 Unit

Semester III (Spring): 12 units (4 courses required)

SWRK 305 Community & Organizational Change 3 Units
SWRK 445 Social Work Methods II 3 Units WP
SWRK 489B Social Work Practicum II 5 Units
SWRK 490B Seminar for Practicum II 1 Unit

Professional Standards and Disqualification
The social work degree signifies readiness to begin professional work in positions requiring trust and high ethical standards. You are expected to meet the ethical and professional standards set by the profession and the practicum agencies. Should it be determined you do not meet such standards, you can be dropped from the practicum and all co-requisite social work courses and, thus, be prevented from completing the social work major.

The professional standards include the following:

  1. honoring the NASW Code of Ethics of the social work profession;
  2. being found acceptable and receiving at least a minimum satisfactory evaluation by practicum agencies;
  3. passing performance in SWRK 305, SWRK 489A, SWRK 489B, SWRK 490A, and SWRK 490B;
  4. avoiding behavior that suggests potential harm to clients, colleagues, or themselves.