Coaching Program

What is the Coaching program?

The coaching program at CSUC and HSU is made up of four Social Work professionals who have graduated from our programs who work with students through a process that focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change. The coach’s responsibility is to discover, clarify and align with what the student hopes to achieve. To encourage self-discovery, to elicit student-generated solutions and strategies and to hold the student responsible and accountable. An effective coach honors the student as an expert in their own life and work and believes that the student is creative, resourceful and whole. A coach is a person who partners with students in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire them to maximize their personal, academic and professional potential.

Why would I need a coach?

●A student might choose to work with a coach for many reasons, including but not limited to the following:
●    Something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity)
●    A gap exists in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
●    A desire to accelerate results
●    A lack of clarity with choices to be made
●    Success has started to become problematic
●    Work and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences
●    Core strengths need to be identified, along with how best to leverage them

Our Coaches!

Analuisa Orozco

Chryste Johnson

Renee Brissey

January Giles