Chico is a convenient community for bicycling, as it is quite flat, the climate is relatively mild, and there are ample bike parking locations, bike lanes, and bike paths throughout the community.

When selecting a route to the campus or other destinations, it is recommended to select a different route than you typically drive to avoid competing with high volumes of traffic. Remember to follow vehicles rules (i.e., drive the same direction as vehicles and stop at stop signs and red lights).

Bike Registration

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires all bicycles to be licensed in California. You may license your bicycle through the University Police Department. It is important to register your bike because it is a powerful protection against theft.

Campus Bike Parking

The University provides almost three times more bicycle parking spaces than spaces for motor vehicles. Although riding your bicycle is prohibited in the campus core, there are several convenient bike parking locations around the entire campus perimeter. Bicycles are to be parked and locked only in those areas designated for such parking and may not be locked to fences or trees, or in buildings.

Bike Rules & Safety

Chico State is a pedestrian-friendly campus, therefore bikes must be walked through the campus core. University Police enforces the University's regulations concerning bicycle riding and parking on campus, as well as state vehicular laws. It's important to be aware that bicycle and skateboard riders are subject to the same rules and regulations as any other vehicles on the road (i.e., stopping at stop signs and red lights and going the same direction as vehicles).

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