CSU, Chico is committed to sustainability throughout all of its curriculum and practices. Our efforts to prepare for a sustainable future is best stated by the University Strategic Plan:

Strategic Priority 6

Believing that each generation owes something to those which follow, we will create environmentally literate citizens, who embrace sustainability as a way of living. We will be wise stewards of scarce resources and, in seeking to develop the whole person, be aware that our individual and collective actions have economic, social, and environmental consequences locally, regionally, and globally.

Parking Permit Dispensers

Beginning in Fall 2008, CSU, Chico began installing new parking permit dispensers or pay stations. How do these machines contribute towards the University's Strategic Plan?

  • The machines are battery operated. The batteries recharge from an electrical connection at night, when electricity is less expensive. Battery operation was sought over solar panel-powered machines due to the shade coverage that occurs in many of our parking lots. The machines contribute to a more sustainable environment by using battery power (rather than electricity) during peak day electrical demand times.

For more information about CSU, Chico's commitment to sustainable transportation, please visit the CSU, Chico Institute for Sustainable Development's website.

There are a many Alternative Transportation options available throughout Chico and Butte County.