San Gorgonio High School

Our group, SGHS Engaging Students in Social Studies, seeks to incorporate technology in our classrooms to enhance student learning and cross-curricular teaching. We are a school with a great majority of our students being minorities from low socio-economic backgrounds and we were designated an 'Improvement School' in the 2009-10 school year. Because of the current (and persistent) state of the budget for education, field trips and access to new technologies are precious and few. To overcome our fiscal obstacles we envision classrooms where historical and literary content can be readily accessed by teachers to enhance students' exposure and thereby broaden their learning experiences. Historical documents, individuals and literary figures and themes can be immediately visualized and brought into class discussions and lectures via the iPads our group will be trained to use.  Our access to period music, periodicals, pictures, and original documents is virtually unlimited and promises to bring our subjects to our students in a more deliberate and meaningful manner.