Walt Tyler Elementary School

Because technology is changing our lives and will ultimately change the face of education, we want our students to have educational experiences that will prepare, motivate, and challenge them to think creatively, solve problems and develop healthy, safe relationships, and interact with technology beyond their play-stations.  Students will develop the skills to construct, maintain and communicate through a web page about themselves, their school, and their community. With this project, students will design a web page, make decisions as to what to include, generate and enter information about current events in the community and current learning in the classroom. The site will be a resource for students, parents and staff, as well as an example to the district administration of the effectiveness and versatility of such an undertaking. We ask ourselves, ”What changes can we make to our current instructional format that will better use the technology we have in our rooms, re-shape our curriculum, and prepare our students for the constantly changing world they face?”