Mitchell Senior Elementary

Mitchell Senior is a diverse middle school of 754 students, struggling to improve our rate of academic success.  Although we have initiated an RtI (Response to Intervention) program, the school has not systematically addressed the question of what effective intervention looks like.  Our professional development plan is focused on differentiated instruction within the general classroom, effective intervention practices for students who are not achieving proficiency, and turning a culture of academic failure among at risk students to a culture of academic success.  We will use our grant money (1) to allow us to take time to visit other classrooms, both in our own school and in other California schools, in order to observe and talk to other teachers about their implementation of differentiated instruction and intervention practices; (2) to attend professional conferences and seminars on differentiated instruction; (3) to bring professional development on-site to help us in our own implementation of differentiated instruction and intervention.   As a team, we will collaborate to implement differentiated instruction within our own classrooms, and observe each others’ teaching practice regularly, in order to assess the effectiveness of different strategies in a supportive way.  At the end of our project, we will present our conclusions about effective practices to the rest of the school.  Through implementation of differentiated instruction, we hope to reduce the number of students requiring intervention.