Sutter County Superintendent of Schools

As a group of teachers and a program specialist we have been working to ensure an adequate number of appropriately trained school personnel within SCSOS programs, and the districts we serve, provide consistent research based, individually designed educational services to meet the special needs of children with ASD.  This grant will enable our team to obtain certification as Autism Specialists as well as other training and collaborative efforts to improve and gain new skills.  Implementation of these strategies will increase the effectiveness, quality, and consistency of our classroom based interventions, which will improve programs, and allow seamless transitions for children with ASD when they change schools and progress through their educational careers.  As a result of this training, we will be much better prepared to help parents, other educators and service providers understand, support, and integrate these critical strategies and interventions into their educational settings.  Staff trained through this proposal will act as site based leaders and resources for all students with disabilities on their separate campuses.