Lathrop Elementary School

Lathrop Elementary has the highest population of English Language Learners in Manteca Unified School District. Our project seeks to address the question:  How can we create a school culture that helps our ELL students become more accomplished readers and writers? Through the use of grade-span learning communities within our school that are composed of staff, students, and families, we aim to create a school culture that respects ELLs as they develop literacy skills. Our grant team members will attend conferences, observe schools that are successful in working with ELLs, and implement literacy activities in both their own classrooms and those of their school colleagues. We will also collaborate with the Great Valley Writing Project, invite published authors to our school, and provide workshops for school and district staff. By the end of our two years, we hope to have a school culture that validates the literacy development of ELLs and helps our students to reach their full potential.