Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy

Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy is a small K-8 charter school based on teaching all academic subjects through project based curriculum using environmental science as our unifying base.  Our location in the very rural Yuba Foothills on 10 acres of natural and landscaped woodlands places us in the fortunate position to utilize our natural resources and immerse our students in nature, agriculture, and the outdoors.  With such a focus on our environment and using science as a medium to teach other academic areas, we have selected to receive training in the Roots of Reading, Seeds of Science reading curriculum and program.  This team focus will train our teachers in how to use science materials to teach reading, will focus our school on moving away from traditional curriculums in favor of relevant and interesting science based stories and literature, and will sharpen and unify our school’s charter vision and mission of teaching through science.

In addition to the whole staff training in the new science based reading curriculum, each teacher is going to choose a passion to develop and bring back to the school.  This passion driven training will result in the teachers training each other in areas they are interested in, giving us 5 different trainings for everyone by sending each person to their own training.  It will also increase our time for reflection and development as individuals within a learning community, as each teacher will teach their area of passion to the entire school while a weekly reflection period is rotated among the teachers.  Such flexible grouping across grade levels, teachers, and academic subjects will increase the positive community feeling of our school and allow students to work together and serve one another just as the teachers will be modeling in our school wide action research project.