Nevada Union High School

The Nevada Union High School professional development plan focuses on teacher driven curriculum development for at-risk and freshmen students. Our professional development plan will identify, adapt and implement current best practices in art education, school based art therapy centered on at-risk youth, and community based art programs and adolescent youth development aimed at reducing at-risk behaviors. Through focused inquiry, team members will collect, analyze and form conclusions on the best course of action to improve student achievement at our school. Team members will engage in self-directed professional development and seek out expert trainers to supervise new skills as well as survey existing school and community programs for their benefit to the curricular needs of at-risk and freshman students. Team members will observe a variety of instructional practices through school and at-risk art program visitations. Team members will use our combined research as a bridge to strengthen skills and connections to the school and community for our at-risk and freshman students.  In year two, team members will implement an introductory art course and an art-based introductory science course for at-risk and freshman students.