Riverside Meadows Intermediate School

This project is inspired by the affective filter hypothesis. Since it notes that students’ emotions can interfere with learning, our project focuses on improving academic outcomes by using effective discipline and enforcement strategies that promote a low anxiety learning environment.  In this project, a core team of teachers will become skilled in using Love and Logic discipline strategies, as well as the Verbal Judo strategies taught to law enforcement officers.  The team will then lead teachers, parents, and students in learning to apply these strategies and underlying principles through demonstrations, training sessions, and professional learning community activities.  This action research project has the potential to be powerful because teachers will be able to effectively address inappropriate student behaviorand enforce school policy without increasing emotional barriers to learning.  Consistently using these strategies will also improve the general atmosphere of the site by fostering an environment where students feel respected, valued, and secure.  This positive learning environment will help students become more successful academically.