Visions In Education K-12 Charter School

The Visions In Education grant project is titled "Defining Writing in the 21st Century". In looking at our student population, our school structure (Independent Study & Home School) and what our organization considers to be highly relevant to student success, we have chosen to look closely at how to develop a learning community of teachers, students, mentors and community members to support and reinforce writing across all curricular areas using 21st Century tools and techniques. This process will begin with a cadre of teachers learning to write themselves; the concept is to experience the development of writing skills and building a learning community so that we can create that same experience for our students. During the first year of the grant project, the cadre will use action research to delineate the essential components of developing a writing community, become proficient in digital writing and literacy concepts and develop conferring/coaching skills utilizing technology based tools. During the second year, the teacher cadre will develop a process by which these same skills and experiences will be integrated into our curriculum to provide authentic and timely learning for students as they grow and develop as writers themselves. The ultimate goal is to cultivate writers as publishers of authentic work leveraging 21st Century tools and venues; making writing more purposeful for everyone.