Chico Country Day

ChicoCountry Day Schoolis a K-8 charter school serving 555 students.  One of the foundations of our charter is Integrated Thematic Instruction.  By the time the students reach grades 7 and 8, they are well-versed in thematic learning, multiple intelligences, and have completed culminating projects in their self-contained classrooms.    Our team will be pursuing professional development in Project Based Learning as a means for integrating our content and engaging students in their learning. The middle school classes are departmentalized, but incorporating purposeful projects will help the students showcase their learning through projects that integrate subject areas.  Our professional development plan includes a partnership with High Tech High, a group of schools that has successfully implemented Project Based Learning in grades 7-12.  We are excited about the opportunity to give students ownership in their learning through PBL and look forward to seeing the growth that occurs through this process.