Northmead Elementary

Our plan is to implement the school model described in the institute series of “TurnAround Schools.”  This highly successful, nationally-recognized school model, as described in Mr. Damen Lopez’s book No Excuses University, promotes the academic achievement of all students at every level and the development of a passion for attending college.  The seminars we will attend with our teacher team introduce practical, immediate approaches to changing the atmosphere of our classrooms, the professional development of our teachers, and the setting of goals for our students, school and on a broader level, our community.  We will leave these institutes with a school model that will encourage all teachers and staff members to provide a positive, no excuses classroom environment where students WILL learn and WILL succeed.  The focus of this program is to “create a culture of universal achievement and develop exceptional systems to do so” (Dr. Dan Lopez, President of TurnAround Consulting, LLC). The breakout sessions offered at this institute have a wide range of topics including, Teaching Math with Meaning, Promoting a Climate of Success for Schools, Success for Second Language Learners, and Increasing Parent Involvement Through Differentiated Parent Support. Every teacher will have the opportunity to identify his or her weakness or needs with the direction of our principal and Teacher-Team members and attend four sessions that will develop them as educators.  In addition to attending the seminar we wish to work together to become a “No Excuses University”.  In order to earn this esteemed title a school must meet and continuously work toward a variety of goals.  The charter school of this successful model (Los Penasquitos Elementary in San Diego, Ca.) was fortunate enough to experience the high achieving results of this institute put into place by their principal and founder of the program, Damen Lopez.  Their school was very similar to ours, high poverty, low performing, in program improvement, students who “were hard to teach, but easy to love.”  They reached goals that were so lofty they were almost unreasonable, but they did it!  So can we!  Each team of teachers will be asked to present to the entire staff what they learned from their breakout sessions at the institute.  We will share as an entire school what we came away with and provide support to one another along our journey to becoming a No Excuses University.  Over a series of professional development sessions at our site, as planned by our administrator, we will all have the opportunity to experience each session as offered by this institute and how the ultimate goal can impact our school.  Included in these sessions will be topics such as, setting class goals, supporting RTI with student support teams, classroom management systems that use a culture of academic success and actual classroom strategies for promoting high academic achievement. We will also be able to come up with plan to implement the strategies in our classrooms and school wide to promote the six exceptional systems, (promoting a culture of achievement, collaboration, standards alignment, assessment plans, data analysis and interventions). An integral piece of this school plan is to allow each teacher to identify their classroom with a four year university of their choosing and promote college readiness to all students at all grade levels of all socio-economic backgrounds, as well as to their parents.  Students learn about their classrooms adopted institution and the bond to that school is real and important.  The college is highlighted throughout the year and celebrated at the end of the month assemblies along with the character pillar of that month which is imbedded within the program (citizenship, caring, responsibility, trustworthiness, respect and fairness).  Parents are encouraged to participate in teacher directed parent universities to assist them with their child’s homework and overall success in school.  Parents are also provided with community resources and teacher assistance as needed and college attendance is a theme brought to students and parents alike.  As a result of this institute we anticipate higher student test scores, higher attendance, and lower discipline rates throughout our school and community. In addition to this school plan we also plan to attend several technologies in education institutes to expose our students to a world they have never had access to before.  Each member of the teacher team will choose a piece technology to use in their classroom, and will become “experts” in using it in their daily teachings.  As a result of this training the teacher team will train all other teachers at our site to use these tools and create a learning environment that is innovative, relevant and motivating to today’s student. We will also use these tools to help parents access resources for their children. 

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