Team 204

One-to-One for Everyone

Lyman Gilmore Middle School, located in rural Nevada County, is in its second year of federal Program Improvement and working to meet the challenge of improving student achievement and reaching “Safe Harbor”. 70% of our students are classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged, with the majority of students in this category achieving ‘below proficient’ and ‘far below proficient’ in STAR testing.  A  significant number of students in this category have little or no access to meaningful technology outside of school. Lyman Gilmore implemented a limited one-to-one iPad program this year. Every 6th grade student received an iPad to use in all of his or her classes and every 6th grade teacher received an iPad and other technology tools to use in their classrooms. While we are seeing positive results, with increased student engagement in the learning process and increased student achievement in math and ELA, there is a need to expand the program to include all 7th and 8th grade students, and in particular to meet the needs of our socioeconomically disadvantaged students, in order to fully realize our goal of moving into Safe Harbor.