Team 206

Academic Literacy in History-Social Sciences

We face increasing numbers of students learning English combined with new, rigorous literacy demands based on the California Common Core State Standards (CaCCSS). We will work together to study teaching academic literacy to our history students, aligned with the California Common Core State Standards for History-Social Sciences.  
We ask, “How do we develop academic literacy practices aligned with the common core standards to teach history?  How will we share our findings with site and district colleagues?"  
Three issues motivate us: 
1) In addition to the history content standards we are already using, we need to develop our capacity to teach the CaCCSS history literacy standards. As a result of our professional development in this grant, we could share our findings with our staff and district colleagues.  2) We find limited academic literacy, little writing experience, and low fluency in our students' writing, but we have more to learn to help them write with rigor.
3) Our WASC study recommended: a) to exploit our school's data teams as a basis for professional development, b) to improve our teaching of literacy across the content areas, and c) to integrate students' work and learning with technology.